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My BIL and his wife have an adorable 5 year old, Ian.<br><br>
He was a normal, healthy, happy little boy<br>
verbal and responsive until he received the MMR vaccine at 15 months old<br><br>
For over 3 years now, B&SIL have been fighting, trying to prove that the autism he is now diagnosed with was caused by that MMR vaccine, or a combination of them all.<br><br>
Yesterday was the final ruling on their case, and they will be receiving a settlement from the VICP as well as disability income (SSI) to supplement for the fact that she can not work because she stays home to take care of him.<br><br>
I know that it can not make up for all that they have lost, but I am so relieved that they will have some help paying for his treatments, and money to help pay the bills since BIL has the only income.<br><br>
They live across the state, so I have not been super involved with the specifics on how they proved the autism was related to the vaccines, but apparently they did - and that is devastating.
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