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So, remind me why I'm doing this. Not the best day.

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I have had a horrible day. Carter would'nt stop screaming for over an hour this morning. I was trying to get myself together and the girls so we could leave for our appointment. He did not want down and screamed. I could'nt pick him up because I needed my hands free (I am searching for a sling). All day he's been like this. I could'nt find my wallet or my new Kiwi pie wool cover (it's so hot today and I wanted him in it). He screams in the car for 10 min until he FINALLY went to sleep. He will only go to sleep if I nurse him to sleep (no SNS). We get to our appointment and he's lost 11 ounces. He nurses great, has a great latch and drinks all 3 ounces in the SNS. Then the big moment...1/2 ounce of bm.
I tried so hard to be brave, but I lost it when we got in the car. She said he was most likely over eating and not to put anymore than 3 ounces in the SNS and not to give him more than 4 ounces if we need to give him a bottle. She said he'll just spit it up. She said that it's good that I'm noticing more of an output. She said to give it two more weeks and see if there's more progress.

I'm so tired and cranky. I'm tired of all this work and such little return. I know I should'nt look at the ounces, but rather the bonding. It's just so hard. I know I should look at the fact that he's getting 3 ounces of bm/day, but it's so hard. My house is a mess, my husband is cranky, my girls are feeling left out. I'm not quiting, but it is so hard to stay possitive and focused. It seems like nothing I do. The doc said sometimes it comes back within days and sometimes within months and sometimes not at all.

Please quote me facts and statistics. Please remind me the benefits and how this is best for him. I need a little motivating.
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You got 1/2 oz?? THAT IS AWESOME!!!

I know it's not what you wanted, but you're up to 15% pure 100% liquid gold in your baby's tum!

How awesome is that???? You rock mama!

I don't have the link to the 101 awesome things about bf, but I'm sure someone will.

Hang in there babe!
Oh Mama, I'm so sorry you're having a hard day.

This appointment was better than the last one though. Any amount of breastmilk he's getting is a good thing.

Also, think about before you started relactating. Think about what a dream it would've sounded like back then to say what you just said now, that Carter needs you to nurse him to be able to go to sleep.

You're doing so wonderful Mama. It was just a bad day.
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I just thought of something else. Have you tried the Trading Post for a sling? You can either find people there who are selling them or start a thread about what specific kind you want and how much you can pay.
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hotslings are very affordable and WONDERFUL!!! And she gives free shipping to MDC mamas!

You are doing such a wonderful thing for your son. Every .5 oz of breastmilk is .5 ounce of formula that he doesn't need. He's getting nutrients and immunities that he couldn't get from formula!

Baby steps, mama. The fact that he wants to comfort nurse to sleep is amazing. My DD only recently began doing that! It will do amazing things for your supply. Keep up the pumping and drink as much water as you can. Your supply is growing and it will continue to multiply!!!

There is another mama on here that I know from another board. She is BFAR and has had faced similar struggles with supply... Her son is 6 months and is still nursing! I will PM her and see if she can come over to offer support and help!
Hi there! Nessie told me about this thread and I just wanted to come and share my story. I had a breast reduction surgery several years ago, and after my son was born in December, I was producing 1/2 ounce per day when my milk came in.
In addition, he had latch issues because ... well because I gave him a bottle in a moment of weakness (the lc at the hospital thought it would be ok... boy was she wrong!).

After taking boatloads of domperidone and pumping a lot, I am up to around 10 oz a day (and Phoenix latches on now!). Woo-hoo!

He is 7 months old now and weighs 20 lbs. I'm not even providing 1/4 of his food. But, I don't even think in those terms! No matter how much breastmilk your baby is getting, it certainly contains antibodies that will help keep him from getting sick!

Now, I don't know a lot about your history, but if you're relactating, and your supply is starting to come back, it seems like you are on the road to success! Sounds to me like you have a very good chance of making quite a bit of milk for your little guy. I am envious!

When I'm feeling down, I think of it this way. As hard as it has been for me to not have much milk and to have to see women who can breastfeed normally, I would so much rather have gone through all of this than to have given up and gone 100% formula. When my son is 5 and gets a cold or asthma, I'm not going to feel stricken with guilt wondering if there's anything I could have done to prevent. I would much rather go through this pain and heartache now, and know that I did everything I absolutely could fo rmy little guy.

I'm so sorry you're having a crappy morning. I think in a couple of weeks, though, you'll be coming back from you appointment glowing because your supply will have increased!

And, just a few thoughts. I don't know much about your situation, but doc's don't tend to know the most about breastfeeding, much less relactation, so unless he specifically specializes in that I wouldn't listen to a thing he says (it's no reflection on what kind of doc he is). And, are you on domperidone? If not, you really should be! I can point you to a lot of different info on it if you'd like me to. If you are on it, how much are you taking? (I'm taking 120mg per day)

Please hang in there! Your little guy isn't going to remember all you've done for him, but you sure are! And, we all will and you are an awesome mom for it!
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