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So sad....what would you do??

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Waaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! I found the perfect best diapering system for my DS, the fleece and wool kept him from getting heat rash in the Florida heat, they were AIO so they were easy to get on his squirming butt, they are beuatiful and hard to get and I managed to snag 6 of them....but now they are giving him a red, rubbed, chafed rash where they elastic area sits on his buttocks and inner thighs.
I absolutely love our Righteous Baby WIO's and FIO's.....what should I do? I could save them and hope they are ok my next one, I imagine they'd work fine on a baby who is not yet that mobile. Or I could sell them and make some $ back. *sigh* So sad. I have 4 appliqueed and 2 plain. I worked so hard to get that many!!! It's not easy fighting the
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that's such a bummer, I'm not sure what I'd do. I think I'd be tempted to hang onto them a little longer
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are they too tight? is that why there is rash and chafing?

is it with the wool and the fleece?

look carefully at the part of the cover where the rash is. is there stitching there, or just fabric?

i think it is worth looking into. sometimes the fabric causes irritation right there, sometimes it is that the elastic is sewn in with poly-plastic threads, maybe they are irritating your babe's skin. Even on an antibacterial wool cover, the thread can harbor ammonia or other irritants and cause a little redness.

good luck! tabitha
Yeah it sucks.

I went exclusively to cpf's and fitteds for 2 weeks with featherlites and airflow's and he's had no problems. He wears fitteds with wool covers (SP's and Elbee's) to bed no problem. He gets the redness with the wool and the fleece RB's, maybe a bit worse with the fleece. I looked closely and there is stitching on the inner thighs, but on the diapers I have made there is stitching there as well (100%polyester) and it doesn't irritate him the same. If I make the shells looser, we are going to have potential for poop leak if I don't catch him right when he makes it (he tends to hide when he poops now LOL as if he might be able to escape change that way...). I originally thought it was the contour inserts, but he started to get red yesterday with nice worn in cpf's laid in there too.
Poor guy, I can't have him being all red but I don't want to part with these either....maybe if I just keep the wool to use as wool covers for the next one and sell the fleece....we'll see I guess. Luckily DH loves them too and doesn't want to see them go LOLOL
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You could sell them to ME!!! LOLOL!! I have discovered that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my (used) RB's

Maybe list them on the TP for trade only and list what you want???

Good luck... it stinks when you find something that works and then a problem crops up!!!

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