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So sad

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Yesterday DD and I went for a day trip to London where DH works. We had a wonderful time but it was ruined for me by something I saw in a cafe.

DD had fallen asleep in the sling so I stopped for a cold drink at a cafe by the river. Sitting on the table opposite us was a mom with a baby about DD's age, I'm guessing no more than 1yr old. Mom was trying to feed her DS a jarred baby meal and her DS was trying to grab the jar. Each time he reached for it she yelled at him and slapped his leg. He reached for it about 5 times and each time she slapped him harder.
The poor baby was really crying. The mom was laughing with her friend each time she slapped him too.

I was really upset to see this and left but now I really wish I had said something to her.
: She wasnt speaking english so I dont know if she would have understood anyway. I just feel so so sad for that poor baby.
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That is really awful!

That kind of crap just makes me sick. I know what you mean about not knowing what to say. Just yesterday I was grocery shopping and there was a woman with a baby in a "baby bucket" on the cart. She had two older kids with her who were maybe 4 and 9. The poor baby was screaming his head off. And she was just ignoring him. You could hear him through the whole store. I really felt like walking up to her and asking her if it would kill her to hold him! I mean her older kid could have pushed the cart....she wouldn't have even needed to stop shoping. I hesitated to say anything because I didn't want to get into a fight in the store.

I would have gone over to help the woman, but I had my 3 kids in tow plus a happy and content baby sleeping in the sling.

I did point the lady out to my kids and told them they better never do that to their baby! They all nodded their heads and agreed with me.

Ugghh! What is wrong with people??? It makes you wonder...if they do crap like that in public, then what are they doing when no one is watching?
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