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So sad...

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I have been trying to get in touch with our (homebirth) Midwife for a few weeks now. I was starting to get concerned, and I really needed to set up my appointments with her.

Well I found out today via somebody else, that she is taking some personal time off for family reasons.
As sad as I am that such a sweet person is having troubles, I also need to find another MW.

In searching out a MW in this very conservative city, I had come to find out that she is pretty much the only game in town

I feel so sad, and just really lost now.
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I hate to sound cold, but if she was planning a birth with you, whatever her issues are, she should have had the professionalism to contact you and let you know that she was taking a leave from her duties.

I find it a little troubling that she did not do so.
I guess I should say that I am sad, and Mad.
I agree.
The more that it sunk in, the more PO'd I was getting.
But...I honestly don't know her circumstances, and knowing what I know about her, and her reputation, it would have to be pretty serious for her to have done this.
It's a long haul, but there are lots of midwives in Asheville.
Are you looking for a homebirth midwife or one in a practice? When I was looking, someone gave me this link & I found midwives I didn't know existed:
Jen- you may have already tried this but there is an NC homebirth web site. I am not sure of the exact adress I think it's and they are very helpful. They wrote me and emailed me and then were supportive when I decided to go with the birth center.
I will also PM you a name of a MW who I had contact with who was willing to travel.
Good luck. Don't give up on the birth you want.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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