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I don't normaly post here b/c people on MDC know me IRL but I have to spew this out. My DH is driving me nuts. I feel like he is so unsupportive and unhelpful. Last night i began to question what it is exactly that I like him.

We have been married for three years, we have a 23 month old dd, six month ago we moved away from my entire support system for Dhs job. I have been battling a realy severe depression for a few months now. I have recently started to come out of it and I have begun to feel like maybe my husband doesn't want me to get better. He says he does but he doesn't act like he does.

A large part of our issues center around his behavior when it comes time for me to get a break from our dd. I have very few friends where we live and I rarely go out or do anything for myself. This past weekend my sister came to visit and while he kept dd the entire weekend he acted like a complete jerk about it. One night when we were getting ready to go out he actually said "why do you need to look so nice"
: IMHO when men imply there partneres shouldn't where make up or try to look good it's a form of control. I just really wanted him to say "you look nice, go have fun, you deserve a break." when I said this to him he said "why do you feel so guilty about taking a break?" This seems like turning the issue around on me. I just wish he could suport my need to have me time, to work on becoming a person outside of motherhood.

The other huge issue is related to sleep. Our daughter has a lot of sleep issues. i have been left on my own to deal with this from day one. For almost a week now she has ben sleeping latched on all through the night ( I know there are those on MDC who wouldn't mind this but I am not one of them) and for the past almost two years she has woken me up about once every two hours to get latched on. I am exuasted. I know this is exasperating my depression. Dh keeps claiming he will help me with her at night and then just not doing it. He will help in the mornings but only after I am fully awake or he will get her up but leave the bedroom door open "because she doesn't like it when it's closed" I guess I am the point where I feel that I can not go on another minute this exauseted and it hurts me so much b/c if this were happening to him i would help him.

We went to counsling one time where we used to live. Our insurance will pay for 3 sessions plus we have no child care here so i don't know how we would go. I feel that counsling may be all that will work. So much of the time I feel that i just have to lower my expectations or I feel like I am alone to solve every problem we/ I have.
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