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Every place is what you make it, and Vegas has a GREAT range of activities if you look, the community centres are great, well funded and everywhere. There are alot of parks (although it's too hot for most now), some are water parks or undercover, we are going to the childrens museum tomorrow, there are heaps of play groups, sports groups, etc.
We live in henderson and LOVE it, before we had DS we went to the strip for shows dinner etc, but since DS we mostly stay around here which is fine. I'm not sure about non-vax friendly ped's but the people here are so diverse , I think extended BF would be one of the least "wierd" things you might see, and there are lots of resourses for HSing, I think they are also fairly relaxed about the requirments too.
When you come down to it most people move here for jobs or housing prices, everyone just wants the best for thier family ,
Hope this helps, and we're all here too :LOL
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