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Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I've been mia.

I'll admit - I hate it here now. I've been here since 1990, other than a short 2-yr leave to Ohio. I'm from Long Island, originally. You're already moving here, Sarah, so I don't want to bum you out. Imo, Las Vegas is great if you want to party and spend money, but it's just not the family place I need in my life now.

Kachina has introduced me to a great bunch of ladies by linking those Yahoo groups. It's been great to finally find like-minded parents in this town. It's VERY mainstream here, so just be prepared. Finding a respectful pediatrician if you don't vax may be challenging, but there are family practitioners out there. I've recently switched to a holistic m.d. I hope you like it here & get in touch with some of the local crunchies.
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