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so then what are you drinking these days?

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a typical day for me;
is about 63 oz or 7 glasses of water.
sometimes 8. i include in that my mug of jasmine tea.
i usually have some other non caffeinated tea also. have been drinking TM pregnancy tea and also Honest Tea the berry one. it only has a little amount of sugar, i think the whole 16oz bottle is 60 calories. have been slackin' on my RRL tea, but i did get some nettles today to mix in it. i think i like it cold better and it has been a little chilly here for lots of chilled beverages.
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Well, I don't count oz or anything. . .but in the morning I have been liking to have a chai tea with milk. And then mostly just lots of water throughout the day, I love a quarter lemon squeezed in a large glass of water. I too have been slacking on my preg tea, but it is warming up here so that may help (I also like it better chilled). I just pretty much drink water all day, except if I have a busy day and forget or am out doing stuff and don't want to finding a bathroom every half hour!

I also have been really loving mixing about quarter part juice (usually cranberry or cherry--the real stuff not the ones that are mostly apple juice) with 3/4 parts sparkling water. Yum. . .better than soda in my book. Although I did go to a BBQ last night and had a Hanson's soda (cherry vanilla creme) made with cane sugar and it was delish! But I try to avoid that much sugar usually.

I'm glad its warming up b/c that encourages me to drink. I love the ice clinking in my glass.
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I normally start the day with the a cup of decaf green or earl grey tea sweetened with honey. Throughout the day I have water and juicy juice. I also like to try to get in a cup of hot cocoa -- I have this amazing hot cocoa mix from Whole Foods, though I make mine a lot more milky and less chocolatey than the directions recommend.
Two or three 32-oz. bottles of water, sipped on throughout the day. With breakfast I have a glass of calcium-enriched orange juice. I make a smoothie a couple times a week, which I make with banana, strawberries, blueberries, and sometimes some pieces of orange. With that I mix rice milk, ice cubes, and whole flax seeds that get ground up (they're best when freshly ground).
I can't get enough ice water! Which is weird, because I couldn't stand water during my last pregnancy. Occasionally I enjoy seltzer. I used to live on seltzer, but for some reason that's become one of my aversions.
You know, I've been thinking about starting a thread about this because it's still about a week until my next prenatal appointment and I'm starting to wonder if my drinking habits are "normal" or not.

Lately, I am thirsty ALL THE TIME. I'm drinking 1.5-2 gallons of water every day (I have a 32oz water bottle that I refill to keep track), plus usually one or two 8 oz glasses of juice... and then I wake up at night STILL thirsty and drink 16-32 oz of water. I would say that my thirst is actually generally greater than my hunger at this point. :p It is wild.

Most non-water beverages are repulsive to me and have been since pretty early in pregnancy. Orange juice, my old best friend, makes me vomit and/or gives me heartburn... as does coffee. Carbonated beverages just don't appeal. I've had tea a time or two but haven't really craved it... just water. And occasionally Juicy Juice.
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I drink RRL and peppermint tea or warm water at work, oj mixed with soda water (my fav) and water at home. I was having a hard time drinking plain water until a couple weeks ago.
I am not liking plain water these days. I am taking the smallest amount of juice and adding it to it just to give it flavor.
Wow. I'm so ashamed. My drinking habits are totally off. I am glad that you posted this. It's given me some great suggestions for how to get the water down. It's still making me nauseous to drink straight water - iced or not. I'm thirsty all the time and I'm pretty sure my milk has dried up on one side. Looking forward to the end of the nausea. Ugh.
Water is still not my friend most of the time, but Powerade has been good to me! Weird, I know.
Water has never been my beverage of choice, either, but ever since I developed kidney stones in my 5th pg, I've forced myself to drink a lot more of it, pg or not. However, I always need to put something in it to make it palatable -- lemon or orange, mainly, although mint and/or cucumber is good, too, especially when it's hot. And it must be ice cold, no exceptions. I don't know how much of it I drink a day, but I keep a 32 oz. mug filled beside me most of the time and sip on it as much as possible.

I also like tea, any variety, hot or iced, hot chocolate (it's still chilly here at the moment), the occasional vitamin water, MILK (really liking milk in the past couple of weeks, for some reason), and my beloved one cup of coffee w/lots of cream every morning, which I started back drinking once I hit 2nd tri. Oh, and on those blah, drag myself around afternoons, I like to have a tiny little bottle of Mexican coke. Mmmmm...

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I have a 48oz nalgene i try to get down every day. Sometimes more. So not quite a gallon, but close. I don't really drink any other beverages.

Its getting easier to do. It takes work!! And the more you drink it consistently, the more your body craves it and it doesn't seem like such a chore to consume.

I sometimes start my morning with a cup of cocoa also (b-girl!) - but I make mine from 1tbsp hersheys cocoa, 1tbsp sugar, 1/2 tsp of vanilla, and a cup of milk. Its awesome.

From about 7wks - 11wks I drank TONS of coke. More than i ever did before i was pregnant. I think it helped with the nausea. But I'm glad thats over. BLEH. I feel like I'm really taking care of myself by staying hydrated. I just wish I didn't have to pee 50 times a day.
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just curious.....for those of you who do not like water, what kind of water are you drinking? is it plain old tap, or filtered or bottled, distilled? i'm just wondering if maybe if it's tap there could be something in it (and probably is) that you have an aversion to. perhaps filtered may go down better. i put lemon in mine or drink some kind of herbal tea with a little honey if i am not wanting enough water. you really need a lot of water to build blood, amniotic fluid etc..... it even helps with the birth. it is very easy to get dehydrated. sugar is a diuretic so if you are drinking lots of it, you may not be getting the benefits you need. (not to sound like a *know it all* or anything
) just want you to have a happy and health pregnancy and birth.
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