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so this is a potty strike?

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i think we are having a potty strike... ive heard the term "potty strike" before, but i didnt get what it ment until now. so, 9 mo old dd fusses when i put her on the potty and straightens her body to get off the pot or wriggle out of my arms, and i dont force her to stay there, but then i put her training pants back on, and she pees!!! its very frustrating! and i gave away most of our diapers bc we were doing so well with ec taht i thought we wouldnt need them and i had a friend who did need diapers... so now we are just getting peed on. and pooped on. i dont think i have caught any poops at all in the past few days.... what to do?
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We haven't really had a "potty strike". I was alot like you...not really knowing what exactly that was. DS has fought me and protested when I tried to potty him. I'd usually give it a little longer but if he kept protesting, I would just try again later. Maybe you could try pottying her in different places such as over a sink, tub, bblp, prefold, etc. Sometimes the change of sceenery helps DS. Not much help, but hopefully this phase will pass for you guys soon.
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