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Yesterday I posted about ds,4,not liking workbooks,etc,and how bad I felt for pushing him.
Well,today we just played. Totally unstructured,just having fun. And it was SOOO much calmer here! And he even counted. To 11. We were seeing how many big foam blocks we could stack before they toppled over. And sure enough,he counts them as he's stacking. He does know how,I guess he just doesn't like to be pressured into doing it! And who could blame him?
He also took little wooden lacing pieces and handed me 2 and said,"here's 2 cars mom".

Just thought I'd update from yesterday.

(I try to follow his lead in other aspects of parenting,so I dunno why I thought that hs'ing would be one area that should be different. It's just not working for us when it's so forced and controlled. Thats one of the biggest reasons we plan on hs'ing in the 1st place! So I'm learning.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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