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So, I just got the October issue of RS.

Perhaps they thought they could redeem themselves w/ a token blurb about breastfeeding, tucked into an article, b/c they had a nice little blurb in a sidebar on their feature about a pediatrician and mom of three.

Here's what they said: (title of sidebar is not just an apple a day: a pediatrician's checklish for a child's overall well-being)

Breast-feed. "There are numerous advantages to nursing--from health related to economic,"days Christine Krause. "Research shows lower incidences of repiratory and ear infections and meningitis in breast-fed babies, as well as a possible protective effect afainst SIDS, some allergies and digestive problems."

Also listed was eat a balanced diet, limit video games, vax, buckle up, and sleep.

Ordinarily, I would be thrilled to see this published, and would compliment the magazine. But being hard on the heels of such and awful article just two issues ago... it seems like a pathetic patch. Too little, too late.

I was trying to give them a chance to redeem themselves before cancelling, but it apparently ain't gonna happen!

Cancel I will.

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