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So what convinced DH to use cloth?

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I don't know about anyone else, but my DH took a bit of convincing to use cloth diapers. After all, we didn't know ANYONE that used them, and he'd never changed any kind of diaper in his life! I printed out some articles for him to read a few months before Miles was due, and he took his time reading them.
Finally, he came to a fact on one of the articles that said that 10% of people in America use cloth diapers. Well, for some reason, that convinced him to be part of that 10%. I thought, okay, that's weird, but was happy he had agreed and started on the stash.
Later, I found out that the reason he was convinced was because 10% of Americans also use Macintosh computers. He is a big Mac fan and somehow that carried over as a "magic statistic" or something!

So what convinced your DH? Or did he convince you?!
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Mine wasn't crazy about the idea in the beginning, but I convinced him that it was the best thing for the environment (he's a green too). And since I was the one changing Ian most of the time b/c I'm the one staying at home with him, my dh figured (rightly, IMO) that it was really my choice to make. I wouldn't say that, almost a year later, my dh loves CD, but he's used to them. I think that's about as good as it's going to get. :LOL
I didn't have to convice him. I just told him I wanted to try cloth and he was fine with it. I do the majority of the diaper changing around here so it doesn't afffect him too much. I did have to give him some lessons at the beginning because I kept coming home to ds in a sposie.
My dh wasn't hard to convince at all. The idea of having at least 2 kids(and it looks like it will be 3) in diapers at a time, for a few years, was more then enough to convince him. We didn't start cloth diapering Corby until he was 9months old. We didn't want to have to buy a ton of disposables all the time. Then there is the fact that he tries to be as environment friendly as possible.
I didn't need to convince him. That was basically his excuse to STOP having to change DD's diapers. Although recently he was going to change her but didn't know which snaps to snap. He doesn't change her a lot anyway. He doesn't believe that we are saving money (
) by using cloth! But i think he was teasing
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My dh still isn't convinced. I do most of the diaper changes and it's a rarity for him to change her. When he does change her he puts the dirty cd in the sink, puts a sposie on her. I thought he actually changed her into cloth when I came home and she had knitted wool on. I was thrilled that he was cding her until I changed her and found the sposie. I asked him why he put the wool on her and his reponse was "She can get a sposie off." :LOL
My DH is as much of a tightwad environmentalist as I am, so all I had to do was show him the price breakdown and explain to him about the landfills and he was all for it. He's been amazingly, wonderfully patient with me and my obsession!
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Mine was always for it. He knew breastfeeding = no late night formula runs and CDing = no late night dipe runs. He also knew we would have less chance of diaper rash too and that's for sure been true!

I halfway kept track of about how many diapers we've going though in the 4.5 months DS has been in sposies and told him if we'd CD'ed from the begining we'd have spend WAY less, and I asked one of my girlfriends how much she spends on diapers (her DD is 5 months older thand DS) so I did the math from now till then and said this is how much we'd spend on sposies and this is how much we'll spend on CD's (turned out to be like 200 or 300 less!) so that got him on board right away!
I printed up a bunch of info on the pros of cloth AND the cons of sposies. I also threw in that I would do all the dipe changing (not that he did all that much anyway). He finally caved, and he actually changes more dipes now than he did when we used sposies.
Luckily my DH didnt take any convincing. He and his 3 older siblings were all CDed so it wasnt new to him. When I was pregnant the first time I told him I wanted to do it and gave him some facts about the crap in sposies and what they do to our environment and he was all for it. I probably wouldnt have had to tell him all that but it was just icing on the cake for him.

Now convincing him that we need MORE diapers - that is something else
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Mine didn't need convinced, when we had big ds years ago he was looking over the "baby should have" lists and saw dollar signs. When I said cloth he jumped for it lol.

Now however, I think the only disposable product in our house is wax paper baggies (kid snack plastic baggie alternative). Hub never squawked once when we made the change to family bathroom wipes a year ago
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He had no problem with it at all - once he got over the surprise of it. We fell into cloth diapering when Andrew was about 18 months old - we won 6 free Fuzzi Bunz from a local MOE consultant at the county fair of all places.
Now, DH isn't really proficient with snaps (never mind the snappi), but he's more than willing to give it all a try.
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When I started, he wasn't really on board, but since I did pretty much all the diapering and laundry, he didn't really care. Then about a month into it, we had to put dd in a sposie (can't even remember the reason now) and he kept sniffing his nose. He was like, "what is that weird smell, it is gross, is she dirty?" I told him no, that that was the smell of the disposable diapers. He said that it was gross and no more sposies for his baby.

Then, al little while later he noticed how we had tons of trash stickers left (we pay for our trash removal, recycling is free) He realized it was because we make hardly any waste now that we used cloth.

He is a total convert now and tells everyone all about it!!
Q: What convinced DH to use cloth?

A: The fact that I change 99.9% of the diapers anyway...seriously
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We started CDing off and on 17 years ago, so I really don't remember what convinced him. :LOL Knowing DH and the fact that we had NO money 17 years ago, I'm betting it was the money-saving thing.
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What convinced DH to use cloth?

Well, gee he didn't have a choice, I was a single mom with my first child, and I used cloth diapers because I was a broke environmentalist. When ds was 1, dh came into the picture and he basically saw what was going on, and did change diapers, by the time ds #2 came around it was a no-brainer, I had all the diapers left over from my first. And as for changing, well, dh and I worked opposite shifts, so he HAD to use the cloth diapers when I was at work. He would also wash them on laundry day if I was working. So with #3 again, no brainer, but this time we had our own washer and dryer, and I wasn't working, so I do most of the changing now. And again with #4 it just makes sense again, and he's looking forward to taking the baby out of the hospital in a cloth diaper and showing them off.
He even states "oh look at that poor baby in a disposable diaper, those are so gross!"
What convinced DH to use cloth?

Well, I ordered them when he was away on a trip, lol! So he didn't have much of a choice. He thought I was nuts at first (which was really ironic since he wanted us to use cloth with our first.) Anyway, I showed him how we could save lots and lots of money and he bought it but wasn't completely sold.

So what really convinced him was when my mother came over and totally ranted about how awful cloth diapers were. Dh jumped to their defense, if only to irritate her :LOL But after that day, he has never complained, actually likes them now, and is helping me design a better diaper!
My DH was completely onboard when DS was born - we got service and just did a quick trifold in a PUL cover. But then DS started waking up in the middle of naps and at night b/c he felt wet, and DH was off-board pretty quickly. So we compromised and used cloth except during naps and at night. But then when DS graduated into premium sized pfs, then DH couldn't handle the folds and DS wouldn't lie down to be changed anymore. So DH was off CDs entirely. Whenever he changed DS it was sposies only.

Now that I have started buying my own dipes, I got some fuzzi bunz and AIOs as part of my stash, and DH is back on board at least for daytime. I'm working on nighttime...

I agree with Max's Mami that it's the budget to add to and improve the stash that's the issue here!
I didn't have to convince dh. Even before we starting having kids, we just always knew we'd use cloth, just like we knew I'd breastfeed and give birth without pain medication!
That's the way my mom did it, so that's the way I want to do it! (And we've since learned more and more of the reasons why my mom happened to be right!) Anyway, dh is really good about letting me make the decisions when it comes to stuff like diapering. Of course, if I had said I wanted to use sposies, I'm not sure if he would have gone for that since they cost so much! But then again, from time to time he does ask if using cloth has saved us any money... I always tell him how I'm reselling stuff on ebay and the tp, and you can't do that with a sposie! Besides, dh changes about 1 diaper a week anyway.
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