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:LOL This is just too cute. I know how frustrating it is when it seems like you get one thing cleaned up and in the meantime they've messed up something else, but you'll look at all this later and laugh.

Aidan's been pretty mild today so far...he's only been awake 2 hours though. He has been into the cd's, the bookshelf, the diaper bin, the garbage (yes, he loves to pick through and see if anything edible is in there...ewwww!), the refrigerator (I don't know how he's managing to get the door open, but he is...and bringing me yogurts and strawberries (which he's allergic too...poor baby!)

His older brother is awake now, so he's too intent on driving him insane *jumping on him and grinning way up close looking him in the eyes....and drooling on him*
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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