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So, What do you do all day?

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Hi all,

My DS is almost 9 mos. now. I'm just wondering what you do/did with your baby all day at that age? Did you play, sing, just go about your daily work or housework?

Now he is crawling pulling up on everything and starting to cruise, but are there other activities for his age that he might enjoy? What kinds of toys did you provide? What are/were your kids' favorites?

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at 9mo., we were moving, so dd was VERY busy unpacking boxes and getting into absolutely everything! Other than that, she is definitely not a home body and since about 4mo of age, needs more activity than mom. We go somewhere everyday, even if it's to Costco to eat samples, she just needs to do something new. At 9 mo, she liked to swing in the park, read books, and get into everything. That's about the time that I made her a cupboard in the kitchen for her to play in, and she loved to listen to (and watch) music. I think at first I tried too hard to keep her entertained with baby things, when really, she is interested in what I'm doing, so I just try to involve her in daily things.
there is a cool thread on the toddler board called Toddler Activites that you should check out. there are some things that i think a 9 month old could enjoy, i have been looking at that thread since my ds was very small!

one that i remember is putting safe household objects in a box, bag, or bucket and letting the baby pull them out to discover them ---like mixing spoons, measuring cups, hairbrush, etc, whatever you think is fun and OK for your babe....

in the meantime you can either watch him explore, and talk to him about what he is finding which is fun to do, or, if needed you can take that 5- 10 minutes to chill out , or wash a couple dishes or something like that!

oher stuff: roll a ball to each other, crawl around the house together...give him rides in the laundry ds is 20 mos, but even a 9 month old can be involved in your chores, esp laundry. put stuff on his head while you fold, let him roll in it, etc. it all takes way longer this way but its really enjoyable sometimes
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whip cream, I know sugar and milk, but hey it's fun.

If you have a high chair put your child in it and squirt some whip cream on it. There are a wide rage of senses that will get equal "play" time. Touch, taste, smell, sight.
The kids have all enjoyed tis one.
Water play has always been a fun time for us also.
I have been known to give the kids several very long baths during a day. Especially on those days when we were stuck inside and everyone is going crazy. They love the water time.
Once a week we went to the local salad buffet for lunch. [Sour Cream!! Hahaha] Once a week we went to the local park to watch dog school and basketball. Once a week in summer we went "downtown" and walked up and down Main Street. [When it was too hot we walked the local mall.]

Daily we went for a walk around the block after dinner. Once a month we went to the zoo, once a month we went to the aquarium.

I was very agreeable to "mess" ... as soon as he could walk/stand well [maybe 11 mo?]: I would put him at the sink with tupperware and let him "wash" dishes. And I would put him on our patio with chalk [non toxic 'edible' brand, cant remember where I found it] and we also did "water color" on the picnic table. I also remember putting tupperware in the tub with a funnel and ladel and whisk.

I am a HUGE talker and singer... so I probably very rarely was quiet! :LOL 24x7 babble, even in grocery etc!
At 9 mos, Will was most definitely into books and while I did read to him a lot, he spent a lot of his day sitting on the floor looking at them on his own. I think the best at that age were the small, square board books that usually came several to a set. The only other toys that I remember holding his interest were stacking rings, which he didn't stack, but rather crawled around holding one in each hand, and his "car." This wasn't really a car; it was made to be a back was wood, and it had four wheels and an easy grip, and made a perfect first car. He also liked to push books around on the floor and spent a lot of time chasing the dog around. I read and talked to him all day, and oh yes, let's not forget the 6 hours or more of every day spent nursing! He also loved to go outside, and at that age it was strange, because though he was starting to talk and spent alot of time jabbering, when we would go outside, he would be absolutely silent, listening, watching...except to laugh at the dog. Oh, and it was about this time that he became very interested in the alphabet magnets on the fridge and wanted me to sing the abcs dozens of times each day.
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