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<a href="" target="_blank">pattern</a><br><br>
There are many pillows besides boppy, just type nursing pillow in your search engine. Some even make them out of natural fibers. I would also recommend making or buying a slip cover for it, less wear and tear on it this way then actually washing it. Mine is in sad condition, but is also four years old. With my first I had an episiotomy and the boppy was used for me to sit on rather than a nursing pillow. Worked great, though I kind of flattened it out<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/rolleyes.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="rolleyes">:<br><br>
Brandi<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="love">

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Thank you so much, I am going to get my mommy to make one for me now <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wink1"><br><br><br>
(lol she is itching to sew anything with her new machine!)

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<div style="margin:20px;margin-top:5px;">
<div class="smallfont" style="margin-bottom:2px;">Quote:</div>
<table border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0" width="99%"><tr><td class="alt2" style="border:1px inset;">i'd love a boppy too. i've been trying to justify the cost. a part of me (a big part) is saying, "why not just use pillows?"<br><br>
but the boppy's look so useful...</td>
I could never get the hang of it! I tried with both and it put the baby in the absolute wrong position to get a correct latch! Maybe one with half the stuffing would have been better!

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Your lists are so helpful!!<br><br>
I agree that it's better to not buy too much. You really don't need that much--truly.<br><br>
...I, too, feel I need to get with the program.<br>
I gave away almost everything from dd... Oh well, I like for things to be in use. I've only got 14 wks. Where'd the time go?<br><br>
Here's what I have from DD from '99 which I kept because I found them to be so useful. My sis has been using them & I just got them back:<br>
-arm's reach co-sleeper: used & liked esp. when she was tiny<br>
-my brest friend nursing pillow: liked this a ton esp. with newborn<br>
-over the shoulder baby holder: wore all the time for a long time; when shopping used this instead of a stroller<br>
-baby bjorn-used this when traveling on planes, etc. after dd was 3 mos.<br>
-20" wheel babby jogger-great for our gravel roads for walks or jogs still<br>
-prima pappa high chair-didn't use that much; kept due to cost. ??<br>
-baby quilts & blankets-favorites; handmade<br>
-Ethan Allen glider rocker with ottoman--so comfy anytime--esp. for nursing--highly recommend<br><br>
Shopping List:<br>
a bit too long for me to think of at 11:20. more later.<br><br>
thanks to everybody who's taken time to list. It's good to get ideas from real moms--as opposed to books that list everything from a to z.<br><br>
Congrats to the 1st time moms on being wise/ shopper saaavy!<br><br>
Best wishes to everybody on quickly & easily finding really great deals on what you want on your lists!

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This is aour second and since Goo and Moo will be close to 2 years apart, I am SO SET on clothing. We kept all of Goo's clothing, so that is all set. I just need to start bringing it down and washing it.<br><br>
I have<br>
- a newly painted room for Moo (we moved after Goo was born, so Moo gets a new room!)<br>
- a new dresser set for Moo that will last until she is 10. The lower dresser will double as a changing table.<br>
- crib from Goo<br>
- bedding (some- need to buy more)<br>
- muttiple floor time toys and mats<br>
- swing (goo HATED it)<br>
-carseat for infant<br>
-strollers (but want to get a buggy board for Goo)<br>
- Baby bjorn for Moo<br>
- T-shirt with sling and doll for Goo (it's so CUTE! It's got a sling painted on it and a little doll that goes in the pocket so she can cary her baby like mommy is carrying Moo! I LOVE IT!)<br>
- Bottles (need liners)<br><br>
I need to shop for a few things, but not that much.

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For my new babe I have..<br><br>
-a few dozen assorted used cloth diapers<br>
-way more covers than I had for my DD<br>
-a moses basket<br>
-baby trekker<br>
-hand-made baby wrap<br>
-many clothes from my DD (I tend to not like the "girly" stuff, so there is a lot that will suit a boy) I don't think I could even count the # of peices... which is good, meaning i don't have to buy more :LOL<br>
-thick felted wool scraps for under the sheet on the bed (beware of changing the sheets 2 times per day or more)<br>
-loads of hand-made quilts (my grama, mom, and I are addicts)<br>
-little bathtub with insert to hold baby<br>
-big comfy stroller<br>
for me...<br>
-camisoles, because I don't where a bra<br>
-pillows!!! I'm going to be tandem nursing...

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I have developed an addiction to shopping for baby clothes at the thrift stores (.50-3.00$). So I have a good assortment of baby clothes. (The goodwill has been great. I only buy stuff that is like new or I love it.)<br>
I try for roomy pants due to diaper butt and SF is pretty cool even in summer so I have some layering jackets and such. I have 8 smaller wraps and 6 med ones. I am thinking I will use a diaper service the first few months till the baby will fit med to large so I don't have to buy lots of sets of diapers.<br>
Baby bath (5$ at thrift)<br>
Water proof sheet<br>
Sling (3$ thrift)<br>
Glider rocking chair (from friend)<br><br>
I have a 13 month old little brother (dad was 60! I am 27) and a 21/2 nephew and I have inherited a lot of stuff from them.<br>
Car seat (not infant)<br>
A few baby toys<br>
Swing (present from step-mom but more like a sister to me)<br>
Blankets (I have my baby quilt Mom just gave to me!)<br>
Baby bjorn<br><br>
Need: (some of which I will register for though I am thinking Diapers would be best)<br>
travel system<br>
Changing table and pad<br>
Med kit including nail clippers and soap<br>
Sun hats<br>
Diaper pail<br>
Diper bag/backpack<br><br>
This thread is a good resource for reg. for the shower<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="Stick Out Tongue">

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My sisters and I send things back and forth (I'm the last to have a baby) but my younger sister is planning on one more. Both my sisters had a girl and a boy in that order- and I will have a girl and a boy in that order. Right now I'm sending all the girl clothing that my daughter has grown out of to my younger sister - and she's sending me the boy clothes that her son just grew out of. We have also sent the BabyBjorn back and forth. (I actually want an Ergo for this baby). I have:<br><br>
2 dozen cloth diapers<br>
6 covers<br>
trailblazer baby backpack<br>
etc. etc.<br><br>
I want: More cloth diaper accessories. My husband wants one of those bike trailers to put the kids in. But money is tight!

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I had to revive this post, because I'm so curious about what all of you have now! I still feel like I'm behind, but I bought a few things online at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> tonight.<br><br>
I got 5 organic receiving blankets<br>
an organic hooded towel with washcloth<br>
wooden rattle<br>
wooden bead chain toy

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Well, this is our second. We have all the gear stuff, like a carseat, a little bouncy seat (invaluable for taking a shower IME), changing table, bassinett for when they're not sleeping on top of me. We have a crib but don't plan on setting it up unless we have one of those oddball babies that prefers to sleep alone!<br><br>
I'd love to have a glider, but there is really no place to put it in our house.<br><br>
I want to get a Zolo sling and a new diaper bag that will accomodate stuff for baby and toddler. I already have a bjorn. I will wait and see if we need a double stroller. We do walk a lot here for errands and going to the playground, etc. My neighbor said that she didn't think she would need one, but ended up getting one a few months after her babe was born.<br><br>
I've bought a ton of cloth diapers. I have yet to go through all ds's old clothes and pull out all the gender neutral stuff and wash it. I have bought very few clothes for this baby so far. I guess I'm waiting to see what the gender is, because if it is a boy then I'm pretty much set. My mom's friend is throwing me a shower, and I assume I'll get mainly gender neutral clothing.<br><br>
Oh, and I always found a Boppy too low for the right nursing angle. I used a My Brest Friend pillow with ds and it was great. We'll see if I end up using it this time. I already have a breast pump, although I rarely used it last time.<br><br>
Oh, I'd better reorder some breast pads! I leaked like a madwoman for almost a year. I would wear the cotton ones at home, but the disposable ones from Omron were the only ones that I could wear discreetly underneath a t-shirt, and they need to be ordered online. I guess I'll have to track that down again.<br><br>
We've got all the blankets and toys and such.

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I know. I forgot about breast pads, too. I gave all of mine away. I ordered some tonight (2). I guess I'll need to get more.<br><br>
Thanks to all of you for the diapering advice!! I was so overwhelmed. Tonight, I went ahead & placed the order:<br>
I just went to <a href="" target="_blank"></a> and got:<br>
1 x Prewashed Prefolds - 12 pack<br>
- Size - Color: Premium Infant - Bleached $18.00<br>
1 x BabyKicks Hemparoo® Receiving Blankets<br>
- Color: Lavender $8.50<br>
2 x Imse Organic Dribble Bib<br>
- Color: White $5.00<br>
6 x Imse Organic Terry Wipes<br>
- Size - Color: Small - Blue $18.00<br>
1 x Kissaluvs Fitted Package<br>
- Type of Cover: ProRap & Bummis<br>
- Diaper Size - Cover Size: Size 0 - Newborn $255.00<br>
1 x Wool Nursing Pads<br>
- Size - Shape: 18cm Oval<br>
The good news is that shipping is free. And I saved 5.31% since she's having a "MemorialDay" sale.<br>
Hope this is helpful to somebody else who's looking for a diaper package.

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This is our second, so we already have the big stuff. The Pump-In-Style, the car seat, the practically brand new swing that ds despised, toys galore. . .<br><br>
But nothing is ready! Except the cloth diapers. And a few pink clothes. She will sleep in our room, but I'd like to get her room ready anyway.<br><br>
Our church is having a shower for us in late June - I'll be 37 weeks. Hope I can keep this baby in until well after the shower! There is a possibility that my MIL will drive up for the shower, and I want to give her plenty of time to head on home BEFORE the baby comes!<br><br>
Here are some things that we still need:<br>
Diaper bag<br><br>
That's all I can think of. Wow. We are more ready than I thought. We REALLY need to clean the house to get ready for the homebirth. Dh doesn't want to hear this, but I'm GOING to hire professional cleaners. We need to organize and straighten, then let the pros come do their thing.

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We are basically all set!<br>
I have her room set up (no co-sleeping here)<br>
and the carseat has new straps, and is ready to be installed<br>
all of the clothes are washed and in drawers.<br><br>
I was put on bedrest last pregnancy too so I was paranoid and wanted this one all set.<br><br>
Now, we just need a baby!

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wow it seems like ages ago i started this thread!<br><br>
I have so much more now..<br><br>
I now have- all my cloth diapers<br>
tons of breast pads<br>
all the clothes baby will need<br>
lots of toys<br>
travel system storller<br>
glider and ottoman<br>
bouncy chair<br>
lots of baby blankets<br>
baby bath<br>
baby bath stuff<br>
wash cloths<br>
stuffed animals galore<br>
lots of books<br><br><br>
wow I dunno i had such a good baby shower I got so much great stuff..<br><br>
I am storngly considoring buying a crib/ changetable/ dresser set from zellers (it's pretty cheap and I have lot of gift cards) Because I will be getting a 2 bedroom apt. and I want a safe place for naps, for when he outgrows the co-sleeper

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Oh man!! This is depressing. I'm not due until Sept. but I know it will come quick. I have two girls and all my main stuff in gender nutral;crib bedding, carseat, etc-. The thought of getting it all out & washed is overwhelming. This baby is a boy so I will get the stuff he can wear (not pink!) ready. Then I will borrow clothes from my SILs who both have boys. It certainly is a lot to think about.

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I have too much stuff to list and almost none of it was purchased for this child! I saved everything that we used. The only things I purchased for this child were more sheets since we cosleep and I leak a lot (milk flood!). LOL My last child was a winter baby so we had flannel sheets in the sheet rotation but that won't work this time.<br><br>
Three maya wraps<br>
4 dozen newborn fitteds (mostly from and kissaluvs)<br>
lots of little cloth wipes<br>
8 newborn bummi pull on covers<br>
two diaper pails and four pail liners<br>
a changing table<br>
two rocking chairs<br>
lots of baby clothing, preemie and newborn - need more socks! I lose them<br>
infant carseat (base installed already)<br>
a couple strollers (with two older children, one with special needs they are necessary for us!)<br>
a new camera<br>
nursing pillow<br>
diaper buddies and lots of laundry soap<br>
several dozen cloth pads<br>
lots of cloth nursing pads<br>
a swing<br><br>
I don't have a bouncy seat and never did, but I am contemplating one for this baby.<br><br>
That is all I can think of for now <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile">

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About the glider Heather do try and get it. It was the only thing I told my DH I had to have when I was pg with #1 and it was a life saver (still is).<br><br>
I have 3 dd's and according to one u/s I got to find out gender they said it was a girl so I pretty much have everything. Im sure I will end up buying some stuff but so far have everything.<br><br>
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