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So what do you think about my newborn stash?

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Let me know how many more dipes and wraps need. I am due in about 5 weeks so I don't have to much longer to go.

This is what I have so far:

About 15 misc fitteds, and 4 flag diapers on the way

4 aio's

And I think 4 or 5 wraps. I need to go count them again.

I also have some med fitteds and other stuff from my ds.

This is what I'm thinking about ordering, about a dozen kissaluvs size 0, and a dozen or so pf's. Plus a few more wraps.

I started cding m ds at about 5 months, so I'm not really to sure how many newborn cd's to expect to go through. Plus I'm going to be bfing so I have tried to take into acount the dipes I've heard will hold in those bf pops.

Thanks in advance for any advice
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I think that with what you plan on ordering sounds perfect. I think 6 or so covers is a good amount, and you don't have to use a cover if you are at home, and using fitteds. I would add a pair or two of the wool or fleece pants. Those would be great for a newborn in winter with a fitted underneath!! Sounds like you have a great stash going!! Those flags are soo cute!!
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I second the wool pants them around here!

Just a thought ...and maybe I'm totally confused because I only started cd'ing dd at 2 1/2 months ... but she pooped every time she nursed ... which was about ever 1 -2 hours for the first 3 months of her life (she slept 4 hours at night when I was lucky). ... when I did start using prefolds and covers ...I had to wash the covers everytime she pooped ... I had 6 bumpy's and that was NOT enough ... now if only I could've afforded AIO's. Anyways ...just a convoluted way of saying might need more covers ...but I don't know.

Sounds like an awesome stash!


The reason I think 6 or so covers would be okay is because most of the stash is fitteds. They really make a difference on that bf'd poo! :LOL And if you do get a couple of wool pants that would bring it to 8 covers.
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Don't forget the cloth baby wipes and you may want to try a snappi on the cpfs, even though they will probably be fine in the wrap covers just laid in there.
If you use a wrap cover like proraps you can just rinse them in the sink if they get a little soiled on the edges and they'll be dry for the next change.
You may also want to get some fleece liners (just make them yourself) in case your babe is prone to rashes-this often helps take of this problem.
Good luck
thanks Mama's for all the advice. I already have tons of cloth wipes from my ds. And I also just picked up some new snappis at a LLL confrence this last weekend.

But here is my next question. I had bought quite a few prowraps with my ds and his legs wear so skinny everything came out the sides. So I am really hesitant to go that rought with this baby. I know every baby is different.

What is your favorite wrap with a fitted for a newborn?
Hi Alicia
the bumkins wraps are pretty snug so they might be good on the leg for a skinny baby - or you could just try going down a size in the proraps...
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