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SO, what is the big deal...

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with wool? People seem to love it, but I am a bit confused. Is it itchy where it touches the baby? Does it leak? It seems so expensive! Someone explain this to me please. I am so not getting it.
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Well since I found out that my DS cant wear PUL, laminated prints, or procare, it is really all I have left to choose from(since fleece wicks alot with him).

It isnt itchy at all, or atleast not the covers I have, they are buttery soft and if they were to make a pair of undies out of the wool I sure would wear them, LOL

It hasnt leaked with us, not one time and the price isnt that bad if you know where and what to look for. All together I have 6 wool covers and spent $100 on them, so that is $17 per cover which is a really good deal. I think!
Wool is a bit different than our mamas remember. It is warm in the winter, but cool in the summer. It is soft and cuddly, especially if you buy the right wool. (no wacky walmart cheapo stuff, although the other is not expensive either. :LOL) It is naturally antibacterial, and has lanolin in it to make it water...or should I say "pee" resistant. Washing is pretty easy...after the first time...:LOL...and you just relanolize every once in a while. I don't know what I would do without my wool. I am in
!!! My mother used cloth diapers on all four of us kids, and she says everytime she see ds, "I wish I had known about wool when you guys were babies.

ETA: I have about 10 wool covers that were about $30/piece. We plan on having lots of babies, so they will be well worth it in the long run. Plus, you don't need 10 wool soakers anyway.
: I imagine you could get by with 3, and some are cheaper than $30.00/piece.
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HMMMMMMMMM...the longies I have seen are super cute. Maybe if I get up the courage I will try some. LOL. I just still have it set in my mind that it would be itchy. Call me crazy, but that is really holding me back from trying wool out. I would hate to put out the money and hate it.
Most people think of thick scratchy wool blankets when they think of wool. It has come a long way. Most wool used for covers is a much higher quality and the fibers have been combed better which eliminates some of the courser prickly hairs.

Wool rarely leaks because it can absorb up to 40% of its weight. Usually the diaper underneath would be to the point of saturation for wool to leak. Or a totally bad fit.

While I agree, it isn't necessary to have lots of wool covers/soakers it sure is fun. (would want to have at least 3-4 if they were your only covers just for backup in case of poop explosions and drying time) They have an excellent re-sale value too.

Many children can't wear PUL or fleece because of allergic reactions, so wool is the other option.

Any thing can be expensive with diapering honestly, it's just what you decide to spend your $$ on and why.

We love ours because of the great creativity in some of them. Many are works of diaper art. And it makes diapering fun.

Originally Posted by nmanville
HMMMMMMMMM...the longies I have seen are super cute. Maybe if I get up the courage I will try some. LOL. I just still have it set in my mind that it would be itchy. Call me crazy, but that is really holding me back from trying wool out. I would hate to put out the money and hate it.
Let me tell you...wool is not hard to sell if you decide you don't like it! :LOL
I just posted about a soaker that I bought that ended up being too big for my's gone already!
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They are quite soft! I wish I found it sooner! Out of my 22 of wool I have only paid for 8. Most were trades or gifts.
I have a pair of longies I barrowed from a friend to try and I like them a LOT, if you want a cheap price on a pair of good longies PM me.

Originally Posted by Diaper_Addict_Jen
Most were trades or gifts.
LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.
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I'm starting to get into wool as well, but I only use it for nighttime because I find it too bulky for daytime (with the soakers I have that is, I'm sure there are trimmer ones out there!). I have an Aristocrat that I love but is almost too small for DS, and a Stacinator. I also have a cashmere Kiwi Pie and Liz Cloth coming, though the KP is way too big for Liam yet. I don't want to wait to use it, but I know it's gonna be huge on him forever!
I'd love to get more but I don't have enough income to buy much stash-wise anymore.
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You should definately try some. Just read reviews before you buy. There are sellers that will try to sell scratchy wool so you need to make sure you are buying from a known WAHM. You don't want to get a dud for your first wool.
Hmm, I thought they might be scratchy/itchy also, so I got some fleece instead. But fleece pill's up and I really hate that look. My mom knows how to knit so I think we will try to figure out how to make some after we get one or 2 to try out.

What sorts of things do you use under your wool covers? I'm only used to pocket diapers, but they are making DD so hot. I wanted to try some wool covers but there are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many options!
I don't really like wool that much. It isn't itchy at all but I have had problems with it sweating. It was really bad when DD was a newborn and I sold most of my wool. I kept one really cute cover and tried it again recently and haven't had the sweating problem. Not sure what is different I'm still using the same prefolds under it and I would think she is peeing more now then she did at 6 weeks old. So I started to think I would like wool again. Well her diapers are always freezing cold when I change her. So she is sitting in a cold wet diaper. I decided if I had to sit in a wet diaper for anytime at all I would prefer it to be warm. So I still don't like wool. Maybe I will change my mind again as the weather warms up.
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