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So what's the deal here?

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I have only gotten one af since june was born so I dont' know what to expect, but I am on day 32 of my cycle and still no sign of it. June is only 10.5 mos and we were definitely not trying, but I am scared that I might be preggers. Today my eggs tasted terrible and that was a tell tale sign of the first one, I just have this feeling. But it could also be just my own worrying making my body so strange things. Or it could be a longer cycle now that it used to be, I think they used to be around 29 days or so. How long should I wait before testing? Am I just being crazy?
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Are you nursing? That can mess up your cycle for as long as you nurse sometimes. We were TTC and I only had 1 af between pgcies. I got pg on day 29 so af wouldn't have shown up till day 45 or so had I not gotten a bfp. I hope you get what you want!
yeah we are nursing. This is now day 33 and I am not sure what to expect. I am getting headaches and feeling kinda yucky, so I am a little worried. OK a lot worried. I have never had long cycles before, so this is definitely not normal. I think I will do a test tomorrow cuz I really need to know.
Thanks for the imput
I got pregnant, unplanned, when dd was 10.5 months old, and a long cycle was my first clue. Cycles can be screwy for awhile postpartum, but I had some other symptoms.

Let us know what happens!
Thanks for the good vibes. I still haven't gotten my monthly yet and it is now 35 days, so I think this might be it. I also have had lots of heart burn and my hips started hurting really bad on our walk today, which only happens when I am pg. But I am still kind of in denial and haven't taken a pg test yet. Man, what a crazy week.

But just in case I am not pg, how long are your cycles usually if you are nursing? Is it possible that I am just in for 45 day cycles?
Ok, so I still haven't gotten af but I think it is coming. Maybe just optimistic thoughts? As much as I love being a mom, it would be really hard to add another right now.
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