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So what's your nighttime parenting routine?

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Just curious about the varying nighttime parenting routines used. My dh and I have never been very "scheduled" people. Before baby we didn't eat at the same time or go to bed at specific times, we just went with what felt right. Now, with ds, we still don't have a specific routine and I'm beginning to wonder if we should be more established in this area

Looking forward to reading the responses and gleaning some tips!
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My son is almost 2,5 years and we still don`t have much of a routine...

The only thing that is routine-like, is his bedtime. He will usually go to bed around 7-7.30PM.

He now sleeps in a toddlerbed next to my bed. I sit in a rockingchair next to his bed and hold his hand until he falls asleep. Usually takes 10-15 minutes now.
He will always come into my bed during the night. So we always wake up together.

Other than the bedtime, nothing is set in stone.

He takes a bath some evenings, others he don`t.
He will always eat something before bed. Sometimes we eat a late dinner, sometimes he eats a yoghurt/fruit/sandwich/cereal.

Hopefully someone else can give you a better example of a bedtime-routine!
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Oh, man, before Bridget was born, DH and I were soooo random! We used to eat dinner at 10 o'clock at night. Ack! Now, though, we are trying to be somewhat more scheduled. We try to eat, as a family, before 7 o'clock or so. Bridget gets a bath at around 9, nurses, and then goes to sleep. Some nights she nurses to sleep, but lately, since she's been teething, either DH or I rock her to sleep. Then she lies down on the crib mattress that's on the floor next to our mattress. She usually sleeps half the night on her mattress, half on mine. We moved her because she was wanting some more space, and she let us know this by kicking and slapping
She loves her bath, though, and I think it helps let her know that bedtime is approaching. We are definitely not on a strict schedule, though.
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We were always pretty random until #2, then a routine became necessary for our family. We brush teeth, put on jammies, read books, read scriptures and say prayers. It helped so much when we started including dd in this (she's now 15mo, ds's are 5 and 3). It was so cute when she started saying "amen" at the end of the prayer (though during it, she is waddling all over the room and playing) and afterwards, she walks around making kissing sounds because she knows that after prayer we kiss the brothers goodnight and take her into our room to nurse.
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