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So when are you all going to the OB?

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I called today to make an appt, and they won't see me til 8 weeks. They said the U/S wouldn't show anything until then. But I just read one of your posts where you went at 5 1/2 wks and had an u/s. So I'm confused. Is 8 weeks pretty normal?
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tttiggerrr is the one who had the early u/s but she's had a miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy. That's why she did her appt so early.

I'm not going to see an OB. I'm going to hire my midwife around 10 weeks and I'll just see a GP on base if I end up staying in the standand TriCare program.
Run away from the OB and get a good midwife!

I will probably give my midwife a call in a few weeks. I already gave her a heads up that dh and I were TTC. I will probably wait until I'm 3 months along or so before I see her. This is #5 for me though....I've been through it enough times to know how to take care of myself.
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I will see the midwife in my ob's office. I have spoke with her and will have my first appt around 7wks. I am aiming for closer to the end of 7 weeks with an u/s at 8 weeks.
I called to double check (for my last babe, they saw me at 7 or 8 weeks). I have new insurance this time around, and I had an ectopic last fall. But, the new office still won't see me until the 8 week mark, but I scheduled my appt. for the end of the 7th week (according to my charting).
I go April 25th. I already had a appointment for my yearly pap that day so I just called and changed it to be my first prenatal exam
I will be 8 weeks exactly

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With my dd, I didn't see the ob till 12 weeks, and we couldn't even find the heartbeat with a doppler till 16 weeks. DD was good at hiding, I guess.

With this pregnancy I had some unexplained bleeding and just had an ultrasound today at nearly 6 weeks, by our best guess. We could see the sac and the baby, but the baby just looked like a white squiggle, not really a baby yet.
We will go see the OB eventually - around 8 weeks I guess. I too have different insurance and they don't cover midwives. We are short of extra $, so we plan to see the OB as little as needed and then "accidently" not make it to the hospital on time.
No OB here, but I'll see my midwife on May 23rd - about 12 weeks.
Im pretty sure we arent going the OB route this time...maybe at an arms length. we are researching midwives in our area...possibly a MEDwife if I got into a situation where I truly needed medical care. Since this is my 4th time pretty confident without so much intervention.
I meet my midwife on Thursday! I'll be 6 weeks then. I'm so excited!

Our insurance doesn't cover a midwife, and we are low on cash, but it's worth every penny pinched to have a loving midwife who works with me and to have our baby in the comfort of our home. I'll use my OB for ultrasound and other tests (so insurance will cover it), and to have her for back-up just in case.
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I'll be seeing mine tomorrow for a consult. I have never used a midwife before so I really don't know what that would entail.... I am 6 weeks.. I think. Anyways, I am looking forward to it as this will be a different expirience for me.
I have strange insurance issues. I'm leaving my full time job on Friday, and as of the end of this month will no longer have health insurance thru work. I know the midwife I hope to use accepts medi-cal, AIM and most insurance, but I don't know how she feels about us just paying her out of pocket. I would still get the medi-cal (we would qualify only with an outrageous share of cost, like over a thousand a month) in case of ending up in the hospital. Anyway, if I have it my way I'll go in around 8 weeks.
Miriam, Monica is right. I'm the one who had the u/s...yesterday at 5w3d. We saw a gestational sac and a yolk sac. It's not possible to see the baby so early. The only reason they had me come in was because of my history with an ectopic pregnancy that was near rupturing at 6w1d. We just wanted to see SOMETHING in the right spot so that we'd know it wasn't another ectopic.

I have an appt. to see my OB next week - at 6w5d. She wants to see people anytime between 6-8 weeks. After the 20-week u/s (we want to know the baby is OK because congenital heart problems run in DH's family), we're planning to switch to a midwife. Our insurance doesn't cover midwives and this way we'll have our bloodwork and u/s's covered 100% under our insurance.
I'm not sure if I'm going to even bother with it this time. I can buy my own BP cuff fetal heartbeat monitor and dip sticks, I don't really need the OB for anything.
My OB sees women at 6 weeks, then schedules the u/s for 8 weeks. The reason for that is because a) Dating is more accurate at 8 weeks (you know there will be a baby there to measure), and b) Baby will have a heartbeat to see!
I had this appointment last Friday, and I was 7w1d at the time - close enough. We saw a strong heartbeat and measured the baby for dating (even though I chart - the u/s was 1-3 days off my date).

My midwife doesn't see women until 12 weeks, but she's a CPM and doesn't have u/s and other stuff. She has a doppler though. I'm seeing an OB because I had PPROM last time and had to be in the hospital, and I was assigned OBs I didn't know. This time, I have a natural birth-friendly OB in case I need one, but hopefully I won't need him.
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My midwife won't see me until 10 weeks so our first appt. is May 15th. I am wanting a homebirth this time around and she doesn't do them so I may change if I like the homebirth midwife that I have called. She just needs to call me back! I would be fine with the birthcenter just don't want to drive during labor that really is not fun!

I'm going in to my appointment with my ob on May 2nd... I'll be 7 weeks then! I'm sticking with my ob because I don't know if my insurance covers midwives, and I LOVED the way I was treated when I was pregnant with DD.
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I'm seeing a midwife. I've interviewed her and will set an appt to see her at 12 weeks. That is the earliest that we could probably hear the heartbeat. I don't need any first trimester counseling (nutrition, lifestyle, etc) so I will not be seeing her early for that reason as well.

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