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So, who makes Hemp Fitteds? *all on site, updated*

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This is what I have.... give me all you've got.... cheap, expensive, hyena, doggie, I don't care...

Am I still missing any?

Please don't include Onesize dipes, I'll get to those!
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I am getting some from They are front snapping, but she makes everything side snapping or with aplix if you want.
7th Heaven Babies makes them, I have a front snapping, not sure if she does side also.

And how could you forget SOS? And El Bee (impossible to get but she makes them).
How about SOS?
SOS is onesize.... I just want sized.

I'm getting all of em down, keep em coming
what about cricketts diapers
Oh I was going to say Pinhead but that is one-sized too. How come you dont want one-sized?

Originally Posted by Max's Mami
Oh I was going to say Pinhead but that is one-sized too. How come you dont want one-sized?
Cause they get their own special page!

Is firefly hemp??
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Ahhhh good idea -- I LOVE one sized diapers!!!! They deserve their own page lol!

Yes Fireflies are hemp too. I just ordered one Fri (my very last purchase before hitching up my skirt and planting my butt firmly on the wagon) so I should have remembered that one!
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Sugarplum baby- Front snap

The Berry Patch- side snap

FCB & LC- front & side snap

Bottom Bumpers- side snap

Elbees- Front snap

Give me a few minutes and I'll think of more

Kind hearted women- front snap

FMBG- front & side snap

Righteous baby-side snap
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Little Lounging Lizards is coming out with froggy fitted front aplix diapers sometime later this summer (according to the website).
Okay, here's where I'm at now...

Hemp Fitteds

Side Snap:
Becca Bottoms
Berry Patch
Bottom Bumpers
Full Moon Baby Gear
Little Lambs
Lucy's Hope Chest
Pipsqueak Diapers
Righteous Baby
Tykie Diapers

Front Snap:
Becca Bottoms
Crickett's Diapers
Crystal's Cloth
Elbee Baby
Kindhearted Women
Little Lambs
Monster Baby
Pipsqueak Diapers
7th Heaven

Side Applix:
Becca Bottoms

Front Applix:
Becca Bottoms
Happy Hempy's
Monster Baby

Monster Baby
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Cloud 9 Softies make hemp in combos of side snap/front snap/front aplix, but she's pretty much shut down now, so I don't know if that counts anymore.
Celestial Baby
Baby Bloomrs :LOL
Bizzy B Hive
Do you want only solid hemp?? Or are print outers okay?
There's berry patch for side snapping

and earthseedlings for side aplix
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