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So who's still waiting for baby?

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Its so hard to keep up with all the baby threads and still have an idea of where everyone is... So who is over due, who is waiting for EDD, who thinks they're close????

I'm only 36.5 weeks and I think the terb may have put a nice delay on any labor. I'm back to normal activity and off the meds, but ctx have seriously cut back and I'm feeling like I'm going to make it to at least 40 weeks. No signs of impending anything (Which is fine with me!) My "official" EDD is 5/4, so I could be pregnant for another 4 weeks if I go post-term!
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Still here..... 38+2 and waiting. First one was day before due date. My last was 10-14 days early...figure this one will be a bit too. Havent reached miserable yet at all..just ready to see him! Was just out walking...

EDD 4/21
I'm due 4/25, so still a couple of weeks to go I think. I am doing alright with pregnancy but came down with an icky chest cold which is now travelling to my throat. I never get sick so this is yucky. I feel like this baby is pushing down more and growing a lot by the day. Have a feeling I'll be a little late - don't know why.
I'm due 4/14, and have been having 'false labor' for the past week or so. The baby is so far down that I have the feeling sometimes that it's going to pop right out.
The gyn said that 'perhaps the baby will come a few days early', but I've just decided to let nature take its course. Everything has been ready for a week now, and I'm just sitting and waiting.

Dh says this one will come right on 4/14 (our dc #1 came exactly on her due date), but I'm still hoping that it'll come a couple of days early.

Hey, remember this week there'll be a full moon (April 13 I believe). Perhaps this will help move things along for some of us?
Still here waiting for the babe. I have two due dates. One is tomorrow, and the other on Thursday. I'm just hoping it comes sometime next week. I feel a bit stircrazy, and all the home tasks I have been doing are getting old and boring. I feel like I have been nesting for an entire month so now that the to-do list is done, I'm not really sure what to do with myself. I have been taking walks daily with DH, but it's getting more uncomfortable each day. OB says the babe needs to drop more, so I'm trying to will it farther down. It feels like if it drops any farther it will be on the floor.
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5 days overdue
I seriously almost started crying when I checked in a bit ago and saw all the new baby threads. I'm so happy for all the mamas who have had their babies, but I seriously am feeling like I will be pregnant forever.
I have a day at the spa planned this afternoon, and my friend who is a massage therapist there promised to work on the accupressure points during my appt.
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EDD April 14th

This *should* be my last week. I'm usually pretty close to my due date, plus the full moon on Thursday....
Still here, but mainly lurking. Edd is the 15th, but have been having serious bhs forever. Had a pretty nasty virus a couple of weeks ago which really sent my energy levels down, but am feeling like a whole new person now. For about 2 weeks there I felt like I would never have this baby, but now that I am in the last week (I hope!) I am feeling much better. Sometimes, though, it feels like this babe is never going to come! Just for distraction I suggested to dh that his family come over for dinner tonight -- truly desperation time!

Hugs to you Becca. But I hope you have a wonderful time at the spa
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Still here
39weeks EDD is April 16th, not much activity here but I'm hopeful for my Easter babay still

Have a great time at the spa Becca and lots of labour
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I am really hoping that by this time next week, I will have a baby! But it's okay if not. DH thinks I'll be late again. My EDD is officially friday I think, but I have been planning on Easter since the beginning, so we'll see. I know what you all mean about the nesting. I just keep coming up with new things to sew, cook and freeze, clean, or fix. Until Ezra is born, I think the projects are just going to keep coming!
I'm still here too, but not due until April 24th. Both my sons were exactly 1 week early but both were also born on the 24th of the month, so I'm holding out for the 24th. I'm not completely sick of being pregnant yet so it mustn't be time, right? Baby is very low and getting lower every day though.

Lots of labour dust to the overdue mommies!

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Im 38 weeks and due 4/20.

Have NO CLUE if I'll be early or late or anything. First time clueless mama here along for the ride!

I had my last day of work on Friday. Looking forward to relaxing a bit and taking time for me before things get hectic. Trying to use this time to prepare mentally and physically for what lies ahead. Yoga, relaxation CD from hypnobirthing, light house cleaning, organizing, etc.

My mom claims I was a week early, but who knows how good the dates were back then?

I'm still here, 41 weeks tomorrow... I really think I'm going to be a 10-month mama again! I've just decided to assume I'm going to 42+ weeks for my own sanity.
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No baby here. I wish. I'm cranky and miserable. I feel bad for dh.
My patience is almost non-existent with ds, which makes me feel worse.

My edd isn't until April 28/29 (even though I'm measuring larger now at 37 weeks than I did overdue with ds), I'm 37w3d today.

I need at least a few more days to try and finish up some things - like getting together all the stuff the midwives need me to have on hand (rounding up towels, blankets, etc.) and some longies for the baby that I'm slowly finishing.

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I think I'm now at 39 or 40 weeks. Haven't really kept track this pregnancy, and am too lazy to go look.

My mother, MIL, several friends (via e-mail) are calling endlessly asking 'how I am' which means, 'Is the baby there yet?' Dh has been answering telephone calls this weekend (thank goodness) so I don't have to deal with them, but as of Monday he'll be going back to work and I'll have the great privilege of just talking to the callers, or leaving the answering machine on (and then getting messages like: 'Oh you're not home...that must mean you're having the baby!' Grrrr......

Been having 'loose' BMs for about a week now. The first few days I was hopeful that it was the start of labor, but now I'm asking myself if it's something else and will probably be spending tomorrow morning at the gyn with dc #1. I hope it isn't food poisoning or something that could be harmful to the baby.


I could have written your post. I too feel as if I'm going to be pregnant forever, and got tears in my eyes a couple of days ago when I saw all the new threads for births in our due date club. But I do love hearing about the births, seeing all the great names, and then get excited about when my turn will come. I am really happy for all the April Due Date mamas who already get to hold their babes in their arms - I just wish my turn would come soon too!
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Due on 17th but think I'll be late. It's my first and still feel great since she hasn't dropped and I'm not having many bh.

Two days overdue here and nuthin' goin' on! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi
39 weeks, due the 16th. really need to have this baby soon, hubby is going on a 3 day trip on the 20th and i dont want him to miss any of the early baby stuff.

baby was engaged at my appt 2 days ago. then i went swimming and he got himself loose and was floating around this morning,,,,,,,,,,ugh!! got to get contractions started so it can help him get in the right position. but so far pumping hasnt done anything.
Another 4/14 EDD here. I think she's coming on the full moon this week. We'll see! I feel OK, lots of contractions but I've been having them for many weeks. She's very very low down and I'm pretty uncomfortable but it's manageable. On Friday at the midwives I was 2-3 cm dilated, so that's some progress. Went for a LONG walk today, maybe that will get things going!

Hang in there, women. Marian
Becca-I feel the same way.

I am a week over due now. I am trying not to think about it, but its so hard. I have an OB appt on Tuesday and I think I might just cancel and move it to the end of the week. My cervix has done nothing for weeks and I think if they tell me I am the same I might start crying.

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