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so will i lose my natural mama parenting license if i...

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...give in and have ds's 4th birthday party at toys r us? we have a geoffrey's toys r us near here and went to a b-day party last weekend. of course, he loved it. before we were going to have it outdoors and he wanted the theme to be the color green. we were so pleased--outside, non-commercial--but he has his heart set on this. it's his birthday...i keep trying to talk about how much fun the original party would be, but noooo.
the toys r us party was fun--all you do is bring the cake and they do the rest for you. and the kids had a wonderful time. but it's, well, at toys r us, and kind of a sensory overload, not to mention all the merchandise they see.
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Do it! If that is really what he wants. Can't hurt him that badly as long as you don't buy all their commercialized stuff. Parties are such a pain to throw - if you don't have to do anything it sounds great to me!
that's awful- I can't believe you would even CONSIDER having it awt Toys R Us!!!!

only kidding- sounds like fun!
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I say do it! Parties are such a pain to clean up after.

Of course we might have to suspend it for awhile :cop:
What's the problem? I think if he has his heart set on it and it is within your power to do it then why not? Why is Toys R us not AP? It isn't as though your going to just let him run rampant through the store playing with all the action figures, guns, and soldier toys while there right?

Hope you have a wonderful time.

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oh no, i should have never put ap in the title! i'll edit that out...
this post was partly me trying to be funny.
i don't think toys r us is anti ap or anything like that. i was just thinking about the party we were going to have in this beautiful outdoor area versus all the bright lights, busy colors and loudness of the toys r us party. seriously, if my son wants it, then he'll get it (when it comes to his party--within reason of course!).
i personally like the idea of people doing all the work for me. :LOL
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Go for it.

I was never, ever going to have one of those awful, commercial, tacky birthday parties. All of our parties were going to be done at home, with cleverly planned crafts and games, fabulous food, good music, homemade invitations and thank yous, etc.

That lasted for two parties. If I say so myself, they were great. Parents and kids still talk about them years later. It worked pretty well for the child with the summer birthday. They were also an absolute ton of work.

I'm facing my first real birthday party for my other dd, and it's in the late fall and it will be cold by then. I'm caving fast. The thought of cleaning up before and after a bunch of house bound four year olds has me picking up flyers for tacky parties every place I can find them. Thanks for letting me know I should get a flyer from Toys Backwards R Us too!
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Yes, I've heard it can be revoked for this sort of thing.

Seriously, sounds like your DC would enjoy it. I say, DO IT!
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If he loves it why not. It is after all his birthday right. And your right at leat you wont have to clean up. Thats the worst part. DD wants a chuck-e-cheese party
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i reserved a spot today! he's so excited, so am i. and it's so nice not to have to think about what we'll do for food, entertainment, etc.
You can have parties at Toys-r-Us????

Why didn't anyone tell me??????

What's the party like?

I had the whole we're-going-to-have-all-birthday-parties at home mindset before DS was born. But on his first birthday...and this was just a FAMILY party. Mom, dad, grandparents, aunt, uncle, baby, cousin, friend, and friend's mom. Small affair, but it was a disaster!!! We were SO stressed out. My husband and I got in a HUGE fight.

Last year we had the party at Chuck E. Cheese. It was so much fun. This year, I was going to have a party at home. But then I thought, we're going to be so stressed out. We'll be so worried about the details of the party, that we won't have time to just enjoy the day and be there for our DS.

We're going to do Chuck E. Cheese again.

Well, unless this Toys-r-us thing sounds appealing.
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they're only at the geoffrey's toys r us, which i guess is not the same as a regular toys r us? or maybe they made all the old toys r us's into these? they basically just remodeled toys r us and made it much nicer. they have a little party room and play area. you can check out
I'd don't know about losing your ap license - personally, it would be my sanity I'd be worried about losing. I get overwhelmed every time I"m in that place for just the reasons you mentioned - bright lights, busy colors, loudness. Plus my 4yo has just begun to get the idea that possibly, if he whines long and loud enough, he might just get that cheap/plastic/battery-operated/laser-gun/you-name-it THING he's spotted. (Hasn't worked out, but he's persistant...) I can't imagine holding a birthday party in that environment. It sounds like the ultimate in nightmarishness.

I guess I just don't go to very much effort to make bday parties "special." Cake and balloons with 4 friends at most has always been wildly successful for ds.

But - each to her own! I hope it works out for you.
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