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soaker patterns & wilton cake dyes

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nak is there some good free soaker patterns out there? I have done the f&f free pattern, and have the LTK soaker, but Id like to try something new. Preferably knit in the round.

second when i dye with wiltons the blue & brown colors mostly, the color washes away when i rinse. blue becomes purple and brown pink. I dont get what im doing wrong. I use vinegar to soak the yarn, and in a final rinse. I microwave for 2 minutes, break 2 minutes, 2 minutes cook, wait til room temp to rinse. If i use lots of dye, it still does this, just isnt as bad. Depending on how much of the color I use 1/2 to 1 whole container of dye. Help! My favorite color combos have brown in them, and Im tired of the pink.

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I'd put vinegar in with the dye itself. i haven't had a problem doing it that way. also, some colors just separate: black becomes green and purple, for example. you'll have better consistency using acid dyes.

It's not you - it's the dye. Some of the colors take better than others. Blues purples and blacks are especially hard to get a good color with. They're blended and some components set better while others wash away.

Try going with an acid dye or a procion dye like from They might seem intimidating at first, but once mixed with water, they are non toxic. (You should avoid inhaling the powders, though
) They will set much better for you, and if you are using a protein fiber such as wool or silk, you only vinegar to set them. Just follow the same routine as you do when dyeing with food dyes.
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Yep, I was just coming to post this same thread. I have lots of trouble with red and purple. I get hot pink instead of red, and a pretty variegated green and indigo instead of purple
. Glad to know its the dyes and not me :LOL

And wow! You use a whole pot of the dye? I use a little tiny teaspoon and that goes a long way! (Although, I haven't tried blue and bro. Maybe you need more for them)
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We usually dye a whole lot yarn at one time, the kids love helping, and it seems we run out of dye liquid if I dont make a big batch, spilled on the floor. Im going ot have to check out the acid dyes, they scare me lol. I dont know which type to get.
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