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Soc Sec & SAHMs

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Anyone have any info on this? I recently heard that it was in a previous social security bill to give stay at home mom points towards social security, however that bill did not pass. Another social security bill passed without this provision. The problem I have with this is that my 60 yo mother in law, who has raised 5 children - more work than I yet know - now is returning to work so she can get enough points or credits to qualify. IMO she has already put in equal if not more work towards the greater good & economy than someone who has worked outside of the home. I'd of course like to contact my congressman about this but want to make sure I check some resources first. Anyone?
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I too have wondered if there's a activist group working toward this goal. This needs to be debated, written about in society. It's normal that families that choose to have one partner stay at home have less money as a result, while the children are growing up. It's not normal that they don't qualify for retirement.
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Anne Crittenden (The Price of Motherhood) has a group, Mothers Ought To Have Equal Rights, with a website, I think. It was awhile ago that I looked at it.
I found the website It doesn't look as though it's been updated for about a year. Though it did have a great pdf with a brief summary of what the plan was and how it could be financed which I found educational.
What's the big deal?

You spend 20-25 years raising kids, you have another 20-25 years to work, mostly all after establishing a lifestyle without that income. You already qualify for a portion of your husband's social security, you have the option of saving independently, can contribute more now through spousal IRAs, and you want the same amount in your social security check as someone who spends 50 years in the workforce? (As the retirement age goes up, it's more like 60 years now.) How is that equal? If they want a credit of $16,500 a year, the person supporting them should contribute $1023 more to the social security system that year. THEN you might get some political support.

That and I notice that it's all about giving WOMEN these credits. We're so interesting in protecting EQUALITY that we'll ignore the fact that men are as capable as women of being caregivers. I'd say the hell with them and their campaign for that reason alone.
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