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Social outlets for home schooled children

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Hi. New member here. Looking for suggestions for social group activities for home schooled children ages 3 & they can interact with other children. Kitsap Peninsula area in Washington state. Anyone had any great experiences? groups? organizations? Preferably not religion sponsored. Open minded. Non-judgemental (Alternative family) Am I dreaming?
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Well I don't live in the area, but I could have sworn I've seen tribal area threads for Kitsap (which stuck in my head since I lived on a Kitsap Ct once) and so I went looking and found this:

In that thread are a number of MDC mamas in the area, one who mentions an AP group. Perhaps you should post in that thread and ask the group there if anyone homeschools or knows of a good local group.

Another idea would be to post in the tribal area for WAshington, etc., and ask about it there.

Good luck in your quest!

Also, are there any free parenting magazines in your area? Every place I've ever lived has those and usually under calendar events or groups, there are usually Homeschool group listings. You might also try Yahoo Groups under Homeschooling for your area.
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My kids get lots of socialization. We go to church twice a week. But other activities they have participated in include: swimming lessons, art class, karate class, soccer team, LLL playgroup, parks and rec programs and homeschool co-ops.

Keep looking for a homeschool co-op, but don't limit yourself to homeschooling activities. Some of my kids' best friends are kids from the neighborhood or kids they have met in non-homeschooling activities.
We don't belong to a homeschooling group, and we don't live near you, but we have no problem finding activities. You should research the laws in your state. In mine hsed children are allowed to participate in school activities as much as they want. So far we've limited ourselves to a weekly library time in their really nice library and after school activities (wrestling, basketball, chess club...). Next year I think dd is going to attend art class at the school once a week.

Do you have a children's museum near you? Ours has a homeschooling workshop once a week. We just joined ours. It is taught by an entemologist (sp?) and it was really interesting. My kids learned alot and met alot of new friends.

We also do playgroups for the younger kids, we just found one I think I really like. And I'm hoping that our new church will turn out some friendships and I'm pretty happy that it's not too 'religious'. If you know anything about UU you know what I'm talking about.

Good luck...there really is so's just figuring out where to look that's the hard part.
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You probably won't have any problems finding proper socialization for your children. Do you take your kids with you to the grocery store and to run errands? This is great real world experience.

If you don't you could get your children involved in a social activity. Soccar, ballet, martial arts, neighborhood friends, or just take them to a local park. There are many oppertunities beyond this recomendation.

Socialization is not a cancern for my family. We have plenty of oppertunitites and I bet you do too.
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THere are lots of hs groups around WA so I'd check the state org for more info:
I know our local area has some co-op classes and lots of social activities.
You can always go to the library storytime and very likely meet other hsers there.
Check your local book stores or education supply stores-they often know of hs groups too.
Our park/rec has homeschool swim classes-check yours for possible activities.
And we spend LOTS of time at the park and meet kids constantly.
Good luck
Since I am fairly new to WA, I dont know where kitsap is, but I know it is close, I am in snohomish county and there are several different HS groups here. Several seem to be church-bent but I have found 2 or 3 that dont seem that way. If you would like to PM me we can chat.
Our problem is really too much socialization. I work in the babysitting room at the YMCA and take the kids to work with me. We go to a Spanish class once a week. We have church activities at least once a week. There are friends calling for us to come over.

Try going to yahoogroups and searching "homeschooling" and the area you live in.
I live in King County. My kids have done gymnastics (good for three-year-olds), TaeKwonDo, they go to church, are in choir. There is 4-H, YMCA, and homeschooling outings and get-togethers. You can also get memberships to the Pacific Science Center, zoos, etc. I just enrolled my son in the Boys and Girls Club of Federal Way, and their baseball program. There's also lots of opportunities for kids of all ages through your parks and rec dept.
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