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I know soda is bad for me...but the truth is even though I know that, I am going to continue to have a Pepsi a few times a week. I'm okay with that

I'm just curious which is the lesser of two evils (again, I know they are both aweful so please don't respond telling me that

Diet has aspartame...I don't buy any other foods or drinks that contain this or any other artificial sweeteners.

Regular has High Fructose Corn Syrup...we do our best to avoid these also

If there is a natural soda out there that contains caffeine, I am open to suggestions! I have tried coffee and a gazzion teas, hot and cold, and I can't stand any of them!

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Originally Posted by IndigoRayne View Post
I believe diet is worse. There is a soda, I believe the name is Jones Soda, that uses pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup.
Here's a list of the sodas that use either Cane Sugar or a fruit juice to sweeten them

Jones Soda
Boylan Cola
365 brand at Whole Foods
Jarritos (a Mexican soda brand)
kosher for Passover Dr. Brown's, Coca Cola and Pepsi
Mexican Coca Cola, Pepsi and Squirt
Knudsens Spritzers
The Switch
Blue Sky Real Sugar

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Definetly diet. Asparteme (and, really, all artificial sweeteners) is just SOO horrible for your brain. Its the one thing that my neurologist always said I couldn't have, its THAT bad!!!

Personally, I love RW Knudsons' Spritzers. Its what my mom used to buy when we were kids, and pretty much the only "pop" I have in the house these days. DH and my dad drink beer, but I drink water, juice, milk, spritzers or win
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