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Soft shoes?

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Hi Mamas,

My 7 month old is crawling and beginning to pull up on things (yes, he's advanced in the gross motor skills department, heaven help me; his sisters didn't do these things until a much more proper 10 months old, lol).

I need some soft-soled shoes for him to keep his socks on, etc. and for when we go out and about. It's too chilly for bare feet both in our house (drafty, hard floors) and outside.

The 6-12m Robeez are too small; the next size up is too big. I'm looking at the Bobux, Disana wool slippers (like them because they're organic, etc.) and Soft Star shoes (like them because they have the sheepskin and no-formaldehyde tanned leather).

Any input here? Experience? BTDT? (and if you have something for me please pm me
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i love joshoes ( the customer service is great and i got 2 pairs of custom shoes in less than a week. i think the regular style are $15 a pair.

they also have decent soft shoes at target if you're into that. i think they're $13, they're decent quality, cute, and you can get them right away.
I bought the 6-12 mo. knockoff Robeez at Target. My dd is 8 months and I needed the shoes for the same reason as you stated. They are big on her, but they stay on just as good, and they aren't impeding. I figure it will give her growing room.

Also, I'm planning on getting a pair of Swedish moccassins from Hanna Andersson. They are really neat soft shoes. Go to to check them out. They also have other neat clothes that babies can wear for long periods of time before they grow out of them. I think the moccassins are $16.00. The clothes are a little pricey, but they last.

You might also look at Bushkins online. I've never bought their shoes, but I've looked at their site.
I got some shooshoos and man do I love them. I really don't like babyish looking shoes, the shooshoos just look like mini adult versions.
I like the Tibetian crib shoes that I got from The leather is naturally cured and you can still smell the smoke from the curing. To me it's a good thing. And they have a great soft lining as well to keep the little tootsies warm. My 10m/o has been cruising the furniture for some time as well... So I know the "Holy bat crap!!!" factor you are talking about with such a little one being advanced in their motor skills!
My favorite are isa booties because they seem so original and super cute! Hope you find the perfect little shoe for your busy dc!
I had really good luck with wrapz shoes from They fasten with velcro and you avoid the elastic being too tight/too loose like with the other soft leather shoes.
IME Shooshoos run much smaller than Robeez. I have 6-12mo size in both, and the Shooshoos almost fit DS, while the Robeez are huge on him.

Babies R Us has some soft soled shoes too. DS is wearing the smallest size now (I think it's a 0-6) and they are a bit big, so maybe those would work for your DS? Oh and the Target soft soled shoes seem to run really big.
Kinda OT, but can soft-soled shoes be worn outside. The weather is warming up here and we're out in the grass a lot...can they be worn in grass, pavement, etc.
We got our first pair of Isabooties recently, and I love them. I was a little worried at first because the sole seemed soooo thin, but dd's been out on concrete, in the mud, everywhere, and they've just gotten tougher as times goes on. Magic.
They wash well, too.

(P.S. I think they're on sale right now at the website store.)
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We love the Soft Star mocs and shoes in our house.

They are made here where I live, a women (two moms) owned, family run company with great products. The shoes are fine for inside and outside, even the mocs.

They can do custom orders too, so if you don't see exactly what you want on their website, just ask.
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Thanks mamas!

I ordered a pair of disana slippers from to start with. I couldn't decide between the Isabooties and the softstar. Just waiting to sell some stuff and get some paypal so I can indulge ds's feet, lol.
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