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here is what i have dug out of the closet (trying to organize stuff).

soft soled shoes; all prices ppd.

im not sure the name brand of these:
(these fit E from about 3-9 months)

red w/ white stripes (4 1/2 inches long) $10

blue with sail boats (4 1/2 inches long) $10

tan w/ dinosaurs (4 1/2 inches long) $10 SOLD

Disney. yellow w/ Pooh bear. $8

Stride Rite. size 4W. BN. $10
ShooShoos (9-18 months or so but better to go by measurement)

Baby Golf shoes: 5 inches $10 (these were worn only a few times)

Red w/ White Stripes. 5 inches $10 SOLD

Blue with Stars. 5 inches. $10 (these are brand new/ still have sticker on bottom of shoes)

BNWT Zatano shirt and sweater. $10 each, each 12-18 months

yellow and white striped sweater (100% cotton/ spring sweater)
green light and dark blue and yellow striped shirt. SOLD

Under the Nile Pants. they are ecru.
2 pairs. 6-9 months but fit E for alot longer than that. $8 each

i really need to get rid of this, so no reasonable offer refused.


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nak... nevermind his foot is 4in. I'll take em. Actually I want the dinosaurs.
: Sorry.
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