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I am pregnant with #2 due 10/13/05. I had preterm labor with #1. Lots of BH's, and a soft cervix. Was on 12 weeks of bedrest and meds. Which really didn't help my contractions stop at all. The tributaline just made me CRAZY

Well here I am again with #2... 24 weeks, BH. Doctor told me yesterday that my cervix is soft and I could be on my way to bedrest and meds again!

PArt of me is terrified to do it all again, with a five year old! THe other part of me is telling me this is the way my body does it. My DS came at 36 1/2 weeks, but was 7.5 lbs and healthy healthy!

Although I will do anything to help my baby... I am looking for guidance.

Has anyone else had a soft cervix this early on? Has anyone tried any herbs or alternative therapy to meds. I have a very irritable uterus, that gets upset at little things...

Thank you,

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