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What did all of you guys start your babies off with. I started Emily with Rice but I have heard of others. I tryed Lauren with rice at almost 4 months becasue she eats ALL THE TIME
: but she had a TINY streak of blood in her musuc in her bowel movment so I am letting her digestive system mature a little more, but was wondering what would be good for her OR should I just stick with rice again!?!?
Thanks in advance!
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You might want to check out this link and then click on the section about solids. This site has excellent info on lots of pertinent issues that come up with new babes. HTH
first of all it is reccommended to wait till 6 months to start solids. I am sure you'll learn all that on kellymom, just wanted to make sure. you can breastfeed, that's all she needs.

and ya know, from reading these boards I got the idea to start jasper on avocado mixed with breastmilk. which I did, and the first time he took to it well. then the next 2 times I used water instead and he started vomiting 2 or 3 hours later and vomited until his stomach was empty. poor babe. so now i don't give him that any more. the first time I thought it was a virus, that's why I did it agan a couple months later.

there is also probably very good info at

happy eating
Jakob first tried bananas mixed with breastmilk. Then avacodos and bm. He like the avacados a lot actually. He's bored of them now, but in the beginning he like them way more than bananas. I too started trying solids at about 4.5 months with Jakob, but I noticed in his diapers the food was coming out still as food so I stopped and waited until 6 months like a good mama.
I am going to TRY to go until 6 months! It is hard when you baby wants to eat ALL THE TIME
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but the key here is that solids don't replace breast milk, they add to it. so no matter what, you will be nursing just as much.

and your little one may just be in a growth spurt and will slow down on the nursing again soon.

or maybe she's just showing off, cause that's what she knows how to do the best!

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