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Solar house

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Just wanted to share with you all that I may be buying a solar house soon!

more details to come when babe is asleep or more content.
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So, the house is both active and passive solar. It has brick floors and south facing windows with an overhang roof. There are 5 PV panels on the roof for heating and cooling and hot water.

There is a woodstove and it's on almost an acre. A compost pile is already in place, as are herb and veggie gardens, plus tons of flowers and trees.

We are so excited about this place!
Wow! Sounds great. My dh and I are doing the same thing! We move in 2 weeks

We have about 6 PV panels on the roof, and 3 solar (I guess the regular kind?) panels that need to be replaced. There is a Rayburn stove in the kitchen which heats the hot water and radiant floor water. It's so energy efficient and I can't wait to move in!!

Have any pics?
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The pics are in my camera so i will post them for you soon. I would like ot see pics of your place if you want to share!

We're making an offer this afternoon so please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Anyone know about tax breaks on existing solar features (vs. tax breaks for installation of new features)? Can you send me some links?

Oooh! When my dh and I move I want to either build or buy one of these types of homes! If you don't mind my did you come accross it? Are these types of homes found in the normal listings? Would love to see some pics if you get a chance...I'm so curious and excited to have a home of our own someday!
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we found it on a local realty site...fonville morrisey realty. you can see three pics of it if you enter the mls # 855784 on which is the realty company the sellers used.

i am so excited!!! i have been drooling over solar homes for years now.
looks great!
Nice deck too!!!
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Here is a link to pictures:,1%253af,0

Hope the link works!

They are mostly pics of the inside and the backyard area. The pics of the front of the house used to be online via the realty organization.
Looks great! If you go to my "baby blog'' in my sig, you can scroll down and see some pics of ours! We move in less than 2 weeks now
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our inspection went well this week. they were very impressed with a 23 year old house being in such great shape. All of the things for the current owners to fix are very minor.

we close in less than two weeks!

woo hoo!
Ohhhh you guys are so lucky, congratulations!!
Hey DDC chica!! Congrats on the new sunny home! And gardens there already? Heaven, I tell you.
Keepin' my fingers crossed for you...
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love the house! looked at your pictures and they looked beautiful! I'm house hunting next week and nothing in my area is solar! lucky you! Congrats!
Hey Teresa!!!

How are you doing? WHy did you change to honey tree? Want to arrange a marriage with Ezra and Woody based merely on his cuteness?

We are super excited about this house! We'll close in about a week but will paint before we move into it. We're currently looking for affordable no or low VOC paints. Anyone???

We've been looking for over a year now for a place so hang in there, natrowmum! We found this house almost the exact day that it went on the market. And, someone had already made an offer on it, even. I pushed their realto to show it to us though after calling him three times in less than 24 hours!
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That's a beautiful house, Gunter.
I'm excited for you.
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Have you thought about milk paint? It comes in some pretty nice colors nowadays, and has no VOCs at all...
We closed on the house last Monday!!!

We spent the entire weekend (including Friday) prepping the walls and then painting. We're using Olmpic's no VOC paints for all of the house except our bedroom. In the bedroom, we are using annasova "paint".

Here are some pictures of the yard in bloom and my god-son running around with my dog, my dd Ezra in a plastic bin aka a play space for her away from paint fumes and DH painting away.
I noticed a lot of people asking questions about solar living. Just thought I would bump this old thread about my solar house. We've been here a few months now and it's awesome. Our electric bill is sooo much lower!

The only problem is that we have mice! We're doing the catch and release traps and trying to seal up the gap in the front door panel.
Thanks for bumping.
It is a very nice house, love the flower pictures too. =)
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