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My family and I need some things more than we need these wonderful diapers that I love love love. Great diapers and well cared for. Washed in all free clear and hung in the sun whenever possible. I just yanked these out of rotation before I could think too long on it, so I'll need a day or so to strip wash them and sun out. Thanks for understanding!
.See pictures here! Prices are PPD.
  • SOS Farm/White Velour - Sold[/color/
    [*]SOS Apples/Red Velour - and instock grab that happened to have a hemp soaker! There is a teensy hole starting from the last soaker stitch on the outter up in the front. Pending
    [*]SOS Flannel Tartan/White Sherpa - a cool looking SOS. Has an older "Christiansen Creations" on it. The flannel is nice and smooth and not that pilly anymore. Has some faded ice cream stains on it. Light faded staining on sherpa inner. Rather absorbant dipe!Pending

I'm willing to tade or partial trade the last diaper for...
I'm ISO:
*Bummis Whisper pull on pants size L (white or prints) or Bummis SWWs size large prints preferred, white ok, new-gc
*Fleece (MM) topped hemp doublers or regular hemp doublers
* Aristocrat in gc, or any soft natural organic wool cover fitting 20-30lbs (want to try wool again
), preferably wrap style if not a 'crat.
*Lanolin/eucalan (preferably to go with the wool lol)
*UBCPF's - anywhere from new to gc is fine, premium sized, 4x8x4
*New/washed only momma pads (no flannel) - PPAF expected soon
*Momma clothes L XL 14 fall/winter shirts, cotton, 14 bootcut jeans, solid colors, nothing floral or pastel, I'm not too picky

*Earth Friendly Baby Red clover Rash Care cream or Calandula Daily Care cream - new or used a few times
*Burt's Bees Apricot oil, or Buttermilk Lotion - new or used a few times
*Buzfuz, size Medium, snap closure (wear on binding ok)
*Children's DVDs - Veggie Tales, Blue's Clues, Disney, etc.
*Yoga or Pilates DVD - preferably geared for intermediate or "all levels"
*Measureing tape sure would be nice about now...

**Tell me what ya got!

I take paypal, MO's and personal checks. Just send a PM or email [email protected].
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