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I am selling my Miracle Blanket. My experience with this blanket was great. My son had a traumatic birth and was very unhappy for the first several months of his life. One of the only things that would help was swaddling. He quickly outgrew his receiving blankets so we resorted to the Miracle Blanket. I loved it! It made swaddling so easy!<br>
It's in EC but it does have some minor pilling and is the Periwinkle Blue.<br><br>
Here's the website to learn more about the miracle blanket.<br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
I perfer something off my ISO list, but I will except $12 ppd. Funded paypal only!<br><br><span style="color:#0000FF;">ISO</span><br><br>
Burt's Bee's<br>
-No Spill Shampoo Bar<br>
-Orange Facial Scrub<br>
Tea tree oil<br>
Soy Candles<br>
WAHM Soaps/bath products<br>
No Cry Sleep Solution<br>
Shopping Cart Cover<br>
12-18M Breastfeeding Advocacy Clothing<br>
Continuum Concept<br>
Back Mothering Issues<br>
Wooden toys for 9M old<br>
Maya wrap L/XL<br><br>
Or Make Me Any Offer!<br><br>
Thanks for looking!

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I have a few wahm soaps- tami's soaps to be specific- that I probably won't use. Would you be interested?<br><br>
Also a cloth diaper advocacy onesie in 18 mos. size
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