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SOLD Old Navy 18-24month costume

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I have an Old Navy Halloween costume that my ds wore last year. It is size 18-24 months. It is the big fluffy white chicken with bright orange legs. Ds only wore it for pictures and around my MIL/FIL's house. I looked it over very well and the only sign of wear I noticed was the straps that hold the feet over your dc's feet.
I would like $15 plus shipping for it.

$10 plus shipping SOLD
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that is CUTE! are you iso anything in trade?
Reduced again before going to ebay...
Do you have a picture?
If AngelBee doesn't want it, can you tell me what shipping would be to 06612?
i would like it for the 10 plus shipping. I can do 18.10 to cover flat rate priority mail shipping and if it costs less you can keep the difference. where can i paypal??
1 - 14 of 14 Posts