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This is the COOLEST mei tai! Only selling because I need the $ for AJs dentist appt tomorrow and to help get to my sister's wedding next weekend (yeah, this means you'll be seeing lots of FS posts from me ).

It's an AngelPack with a cool bubblegum print on one side and tan on the other side. Lightly padded top straps are very comfortable. This one has a padded area at the top of the body so it's perfect for little ones to nap in - that's my favorite feature of it.

In very good condition. No tears or rips, etc. I've had it about a month and worn it probably a dozen times. I have worn it for an hour or more each time - it's very comfy and she usually falls asleep in this one since there's somewhere for her little head to lay.

Here's the print on her website:

I'm not sure how to add a picture, but here's a link. In the pic, the headrest area is folded down, since she's awake.

I'd like $45 PPD for this (paypal preferred) - it goes for $61 ($55 plus $6 shipping) new.
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