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This is a set of therapy equipment called the "Rainy Day Playground", purchased through the Abilitations catalog, that can be used by children with special needs as well as typical children. It provides sensory & vestibular input, as well as gross-motor & upper-body development, which helps improve fine-motor skills.

A support bar is braced within a door frame and different play equipment can be hung off of it. No tools are necessary to install the support bar and no damage will be done to your door frame. The bar will support up to 175lbs.

I used this for my autistic son. He loved to swing as a toddler ~ it calmed him down very well. My other children enjoyed swinging on the sling swing or playing on the trapeze. Because there is a 175lb weight limit, even adults can relax in the net swing (it feels like a hammock). A person can lie on their back, on their stomach or sitting in a variety of positions in the net swing. Pillows or a blanket can be used to cuddle an infant/small child, as well.

The Abilitations catalog can be browsed at The item number for the net swing is 121947142 (retails for $111.99). The trapeze helps build fine-motor and gross-motor skills in just a few minutes per day by building upper-body strength. The strap swing is for children who can use a regular swing without any back support. These items were purchased together for $111.99 (item #121898142).

Net swing

Strap swing, trapeze, support bar & accessories for mounting it

All pieces of the equipment are in excellent condition. I am asking $115.00, postage-paid, for everything. I accept timely money orders or funded Paypal (no credit cards).

If you are interested, please pm me.

Thank you!
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