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Medela Pump in Style advanced (PISA) + extras Back Pack

This pump was purchased new by me in February of this year. I used it to pump twice a day when I went back to work until October. We are no longer in need of a pump as my day supply is nothing so we BF when I am home and no need for a pump.

This lot includes;

Medela Pump In Style Back Pack (with original box , accessories and instructions) which includes;

1 backpack
1 removable pump unit
4 storage bottles
tubing x2
2 breast shields
cooler pack
cooler carrier
ac adaptor
hand pump and stand.
5 medela Breast milk storage bags (unused/unopened)
1 battery pack (can be used in place if the adapter)

(These parts have been used and sterilized, I will sterilize them again before sending. You may want to purchase new accessories for the pump, however the ones included are still fully functional and in great condition, just personal preference. The kits can be bought online in a number of places.)

I am also including in this lot -

2 Extra breast shields
Playtex bottle adaptor set and lids (there are two adaptors to pump directly into a playtex bottle, I found this worked on my Gerber bottles as well)
Box of breast pads (there are 2 taken out of the box)
1 new unopened box of 25 milk storage bags from lansinoh.

Everything you need to get started! This pump is awesome, it has features that mimic your babies sucking and it has a letdown button on it as well so you can control the pumping motion and a dial to increase or decrease the suction. More info here------------->>>>>

I paid almost $275+postage for the pump not including the extras. I am asking $165 postage include OBO

Pictures can be seen using the link below
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