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I bought 2 Large Under the Nile Nursing Bras. They are too large. One is unopened in the package with the tags on and the other I have worn and washed. I'd like $16 ppd for both.

I would be willing to trade for medium UTN nursing bras but that is all I'm interested in trading for.

I take funded and credit card paypal (please add some for fees).
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The pic looks like they are sort of a tank top? Is that right? Thanks!
Yes, they do go partway down but not all the way down to my pants/waist (but i'm long waisted). They are super soft and I would have loved wearing them as "undershirts".
If these are still available, I'll take them. I only have CC paypal--could you tell me how much to add for fees? (I can't seem to figure out how it works...
: )
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