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I have some 1 mil PUL for sale here.<br>
Each color is in 2 yd cuts (I'd like to leave it that way.)<br>
I just weighed each cut and they are just under 1 lb each. So shipping will be calculated for either parcel post or priority mail (your choice) and I only charge exact shipping.<br><br>
I am charging exactly what most co-ops do, $5.50/yd, so it is $11.00 per color since they are in 2 yd cuts. Plus the shipping as stated above.<br>
Paypal payments only, preference given to those who will pay today! Please PM me with any interest <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br>
Colors are:<br>
Dark Lavender<br>
Butter Yellow<br>
Blaze Orange<br>
Medium Blue<br>
Baby Blue<br>
Neon Green<br>
Play Pink<br><br>
Thanks for looking!
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