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I need to sell this cause I need money and I do not use it enough to justify keeping it. Alek wore it once, it is brand new and right now you can only get wool aio covers and not the snap in diapers. There are six hemp snap in diapers in an array of blues and purples. The cover is purple (lapis) If you want a picture I will have to get you one later today. $160US PPD with insurance paid by me also. I am in Canada.
Link to set
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I'd better check to see if the sky is falling if you're selling one of your Fuz! :LOL

**Where's the fainting icon when I need it?**
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soooo proud of you Kath

wish i were rich to buy it
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But please someone buy this gorgeous set before I change my mind. Dang-Nabbit!!
If dd wasn't potty training and I hadn't just bought a new sewing machine and serger I would!!!!
I added pics to my store of this set.
Gee Kathleen, maybe you should wait a month to sell it.
because that's how long it would take me to save up the Paypal
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I might be offering another set if the feeling is right. LOL!
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