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My baby is starting to really like solids. While his poops haven't changed too much from his breastmilk-only poops yet, that time is rapidly approaching.

He's in daycare two days a week, and while he rarely poops there, I don't know if that will change once he's eating more solids. So my question is, will rice paper liners prevent staining? Do they really make cleanup easier? Or should I not bother with them and just resign myself to stains and picking out day-old poop out of the diapers? I've been thinking that maybe I should just pick up some cheap microfleece and line the diapers with those, and if they get stained, no big deal.

And if you do use paper liners, which ones do you recommend? The Kushies are available at a local store; are they any good? Or are all diaper liners created equal?
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