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Solids: how much is too much?

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We started DD earlier on solids than planned in hopes that it MIGHT reduce her nursing a bit (no flames please--long history of serious nursing pain b/c of palate issues). Well, she hasn't dropped any nursing sessions, but BOY, she took to the solids with great enthusiasm and seems to want to eat a lot (like 2 inches of banana plus 1/3 jar of sweet potato--we do solids 1x/day). Is this too much? She is a bit over 5 months, weighs about 15 pounds, nurses 8-10x/day.

I am also having some minor (possibly just perceived) supply issues--actually, I might not really be having issues, but I just can't pump as much as I'd like. The supply thing started way before the solids were introduced.
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No flames, Actually I started my ds (now 6) around this time hoping he'd sleep---didnt work. Anyway, it sounds like she's got a good appetite and that much doesnt sound like too much to me. If you get any signs of discomfort, gas, faces or pinched mouth you might want to stop. count yourself lucky I say. so many babies pretty much just make a mess of it all and mommas are left wondering if they're getting anything.
No, no signs of discomfort or anything. She just seems to really be hungry and enjoy the food. She'd been showing signs of early readiness (trying to grab our food and get it in her mouth) for several weeks and her tongue thrust is gone. In fact, she eats like she's been doing this for months. (Though she doens't like the rice cereal--neither do I! tastes like paste. Why bother?)

I am just a little concerned because everyone "says" they shouldn't get very much of their nutrition from solids till 1 year. (Actually, I have heard people say that there are NO nutritional benefits of solids till 1 year. Is this true?) And I wouldn't want to decrease my supply. But my gut says that if she wants it, I shouldn't worry about giving "too much"...her little brain/belly know what is going on. Agree, disagree? Her rate of weight gain is okay.
Maybe the best way to think of "no nutritional benefits" is that if solids REPLACE breastmilk, the baby is not benefitting, is not better off nutritionally. However, if the solids are in addition to breastmilk, then I would say that it's not hurting the baby, and obviously the baby would obtain some nutrition from the solids assuming she's digesting them... I'm impressed by how much your baby is eating- my 7 month old is simply not into solids. She likes to taste things, but has never eaten more than say, half a teaspon, in one sitting. If yours is doing so well with solids and is still nursing I wouldn't be too concerned.
As long as the solids are not replacing any breastmilk then its fine to let your baby lead the way with solids, whether they only want a little or a lot. My older ds was always a really big eater and he started on solids at 5.5mos. He would eat a like 1/4c. of cereal and a whole jar of fruits or veggies. Babies aren't able to get a lot of nutrition from the foods until around 9-10mos. of age, but as long as she's not showing any signs that it is bothering her (upset tummy, etc.) then it won't hurt her at all either.
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