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Some GOOD NIP news for a change!

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Well it didnt exactly make headlines.... :LOL

But at work yesterday (B&N) a mom with like oh say 3 kids and 2 infants, maybe twins, whipped out the boob right there on the floor in front of our picture book wall and fed her baby while reading to her 3 kids. I was so stoked! It was really busy so I didn't get the chance to say, "yay!" to her like I wanted. And her dh was walking around with the other baby. It was such a nice change!! Also I wanted to stick close incase someone actually complained. Which didn't happend thank goodness, or else they would have gotten an earful!

Then leaving work a woman was nursing her baby outside on the bench with her daughter. I just smiled.
I was really glad to see these women today, since I was thinking about the upcoming nurse-in at the View. Go Mamas!!
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We're in B&N at least twice a week and we always nurse there
I'm happy to say I have *never* gotten so much as a disapproving look there
Of course, I'm noticing more and more now that a lot of the parents there are crunchier than I expect
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