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some inspiration for MM tomorrow...(pics)

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so, i was very lucky and scored at the last MM stocking - my first one. It's a L/XL and I thought it would be way too big and that I'd have to pass it along. And I thought that it might be too rainbowey for my little boy. But actually, it fits well and it's not too rainbowey. The organic yarn is quite nice, soft and thick and looks like it will be quite durable which is important as my little guy is tough on wool.

Here's a few pics to inspire you for the stocking, and remember that first timers can score!

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What a cute little one! Oh that is too pretty!!! I am hoping I can score one tomorrow! I am a MM virgin and that black peacock one would look just great on my DS
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Very very cute! I really want the crocus one, but Ian isn't even a year old yet, and I think it would probably be huge on him.
Unless I use it exclusively for nighttime over his massively large Schnoogly UNDers...
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Cute kiddo! That mm looks fab on him.
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toooooooo cute!!!!!
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