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I made some kefir using the Body Ecology starter with raw cows milk. Is this good stuff? I do have some real kefir grains coming soon though. I made a yummy kefir smoothie this am with kefir, frozen organic strawberries and a frozen organic banana and a T of raw honey. Man was it GOOD and my kids gobbled it faster than I could. I plan to add some raw egg yolks next time I make one.<br><br>
My I need to still take a probiotic when doing kefir? I am 10 weeks pregnant.<br><br>
would any of us need extra probiotics when doing kefir or is the kefir alone enough? my kids are 2 and 5. would kefir be better than garden of life probiotic?<br><br>
can I make a gallon at a time??<br><br>
My mother is suffering from major gut issues. Her insides where really messed up by a gall bladder surgery (hit her bowel and only repaired one side). She had a colostomy and all for several months and had some of her bowel removed. She gets very sick with vomiting if she eats too much fiber. I am assuming kefir would be good for her but will it be enough? Extra probiotic?<br><br>
How much is too much? Could I make a smoothie using say 2 cups kefir??<br><br>
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