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I posted earlier about my grandfather dying this morning and I just wanted to share some of his poems with you.<br>
Twas the night before Christmas<br><br>
It now can be told<br><br>
That Jolly St. Nick<br><br>
Was getting too old<br><br>
He'd been drinking a lot<br><br>
Ms. Claus told me so<br><br>
And the night before Christmas<br><br>
He said he'd not go<br><br>
She screamed and she yelled<br><br>
Get your butt off that chair<br><br>
Hook up those reindeer<br><br>
And take to the air.<br><br>
He burped and he belched<br><br>
Gave out some groans<br><br>
Cause arthritis had settled in Santa's old bones<br><br>
Then with one mighty effort<br><br>
He leaped from his chair<br><br>
Hooked up the reindeer<br><br>
And took to the air<br><br>
So if late Christmas Eve<br><br>
You see an old goat<br><br>
With a flowing white beard<br><br>
And a fiery red coat<br><br>
Just smile to him kindly<br><br>
But don't give a glance<br><br>
For Santa Dear Santa<br><br>
Forgot his red pants!<br>
************************************************** **<br>
Who charts the course of a raindrop<br><br>
As it glides down your windowpane?<br><br>
Who counts the sighs and the kisses<br><br>
That happen in lovers lane?<br><br>
And who makes the moon so much brighter<br><br>
As we walk through the summer night?<br><br>
If I knew I just wouldn't tell you,<br><br>
Cause they're doing everything right.<br><br>
To enjoy each measure of time,<br><br>
And to treasure each moment<br><br>
with the gratefulness of knowing<br><br>
the fulfillment of happiness and joy<br><br>
That can only happen when your in love and<br><br>
The love you expend is in turn replenished<br><br>
by the love you receive by the woman you have<br><br>
chosen for your companion for life¦Your Loving Wife.<br><br>
Roses are red, that's™s what they say<br><br>
I wish they'd change their color someday.<br><br><br><br>
One by one they pass in view<br><br>
Then slowly fade from sight<br><br>
Those brave and gallant soldiers<br><br>
March on into the night<br><br>
Through seas of sand and fields of mud<br><br>
While shells above them whine<br><br>
They grimly jest and write their folks<br><br>
We're having a wonderful time<br><br>
The Grim Reaper stalks them all<br><br>
He sleeps upon their cot<br><br>
He watches as they writhe in death<br><br>
And slowly as they rot<br><br>
But thy don't seem to mind him<br><br>
They never even pause<br><br>
For they know that they are fighting<br><br><br>
Just before dawn in the black velvet sky<br><br>
A new star appeared in the heavens so high<br><br>
Men saw this symbol and stood there in fright<br><br>
Enraptured and awed by this heavenly sight<br><br>
Soon from the East Three Wise Men did appear<br><br>
Dirty and weary but showing no fear<br><br>
Going the way that was lit by the star<br><br>
Into the town they had sought from afar<br><br>
Love warmed the stable where the Christ Child lay<br><br>
Let the whole world rejoice on this holiest day<br><br>
May all hearts be happy because of this birth<br><br>
And peace be the order for all men on earth.<br><br>

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Sorry to hear about your grandfather <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="hug"> Thanks for sharing with us.

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He had some talent! Thanks for sharing those with us. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Losing someone you love is never easy. You are in my thoughts. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/hug2.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="Hug2">:

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I'm sorry for your loss. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="hug"> What a sweet, sensitive and funny man your Grandpa must have been!
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