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Some questions from a future

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What is 'stripping' diapers? Why is it done and how do you do it?

What fabrics get stinky and why do they get stinky? How do you make the stinky go away?

Line dry vs. dryer... tell me about the difference?
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Line drying gets you extra greenie points...
Stripping diapers is done if you have detergent build up.... Its just washing them with on hot to get out the extra soap.. sometimes done with baking soda and vinegar in the wash

Hemp is most prone to stinkiness... but all can get it. Hemp is more prone to it cause its woven tigther than cotton fabrics IMO. Makes it harder to penetrate the fibers and get all the soap out. That said its also the very trim more absorbant when compared to other fabrics that trim.

Line is better for the environment, but it can also leave your diapers hard and stracthy... Its too hot to line dry here, they end up like cardboard LOL. We dry in the dryer but we do it on a medium heat cycle.
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I think Tiffany described stripping perfectly.

About line-drying... it saves lots of energy, the sun is good for removing stains, and elastic lasts longer if not put through a hot dryer frequently. However, some fabrics get very stiff if line-dried, particularly hemp, multi-layered cotton, and terry. Other things are fine line-dried, including polyester covers, pocket diapers, microfiber and birdseye cotton flats. I think it's okay to line dry hemp pocket diaper inserts because they don't touch baby's skin anyway.
Another thing about can experiment with different "techniques" to make it work...from hanging in the shade, to double hanging things, to fluffing in the dryer 10 minutes before hanging them out, etc.
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