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Somebody help please....all's ds wants to eat is pasta!!

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: <--------thats me to say the least. I'm so frustrated. He was eating fruits and veggies, along with everything else SO good for the longest time. Now the ONLY thing he wants or will eat is pasta. When we're at home, I cook him whole wheat pasta, and I still offer him all the fruits and veggies, I cook them in his sauce, etc etc. but he picks them out. But I'm just concerned that he's not getting the right nutrician (sp?) What can I do?
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I think it's very common for most toddlers to go through this stage at one time or another. Maybe not pasta, but with one particular food. And maybe with a succession of one particular food after another -- just when you think you've gotten over pasta, it will be yogurt.

I don't have a lot of advice, other than to say that this, too, shall pass. Keep offering the other foods that you know he likes, or maybe even try something new. He'll be fine in the meantime, especially if you are still nursing. If you are particularly worried, you could supplement with a vitamin until he kicks the pasta habit. :LOL

, mama! It's so difficult to try to do everything just right for them, sometimes, isn't it?!?
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I used to grate the veggies up or whirl them through the food processer and then add them to the pasta sauce. My oldest was the pickiest kid I'd ever met but she ate the sauce no problem. I just made sure to add the veggies when she was out of the room! BTW, I was doing this when she was 4, 5, and 6 years old and she had no idea.

thanks ladies. I finally got him to eat some raisens this weekend and have been sneaking in bites of veggies when he gets a bite of my food. Man.......this parenting thing so hard sometimes
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Just last night I had dinner at my favorite Italian Restaurant. They have a 'low-carb' option on all the pasta dishes. They replace the pasta with julienned steamed vegetables. So yummy.

Now he might just pick them out - but it could be worth a try.
I make my own tomato based pasta sauce which is a staple for almost every dish. Make your favorite basic marinara sauce, then add whatever diced green vegetables you want. My last batch had green peppers and baby bock choy. Once the vegetables are tender then puree, puree, puree. I use a stick blender or the stand blender. Then I add some extra tomato paste to give more body and less fine chunks. It always tastes the same no matter what vegetables I put in it. The kids love it and they don't know it's full of good green vegetables. Also, because of the redness of the sauce the green flecks look like basil.
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I wouldn't force or pressure him. Maybe buy pasta that is made with spniach or other veggies? I know my grocery store carries that kind. Spinach pasta is very rich in iron.
My son is also a pasta-holic. In addition to pureeing vegetables into the sauce and trying to sneak them in, we have also started buying raviolis that are stuffed with spinach and other veggies. They are kinda expensive, but he LOVES them and it helps reassure me that he's getting at least some veggies (he does eat a lot of fruit, though). Check the frozen section of your natural food store--there might be some similar veggie-stuffed pastas there....
Yeah, it's not always just a food jag, its a glycemic index thing. At our house, I struggle to get dd to eat protein for the same reason many toddlers like pasta. Even the whole wheat kind gives them a quick kick in blood sugar. They have pastas made out of different grains at my hfs. Quinoa pasta is good and has alot more protein than whole wheat, but it does look more like white pasta. The raviolis are awesome, but I can't afford them all the time. I had to stop buying as much pasta, and let dd learn to pig on multiple grain pilafs- but she wasn't as addicted as your dc. I say no noodles three times a day, but my thighs just can't handle so much pasta around.

Originally Posted by mommy to Payton
But I'm just concerned that he's not getting the right nutrician (sp?) What can I do?

It's "nutrition."

ITA with the others who say to puree the veg. I just made kale cubes -- whizzed fresh kale with some water in my blender, then poured into ice cube trays. You can do this with any vegetable/green, and then just add a cube to pasta sauce, smoothies, soups, etc. Good way to sneak in those greens for the kids (and adults!). Right now I'm drinking a strawberry smoothie with kale in it, and I'd never know if I didn't know, know what I mean? :LOL

Good luck! And hey, at least it's pasta, and not, say, potato chips. It's awfully hard to sneak vegetables into potato chips.

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I'm mama to another pasta addict here, too. I've had good luck pureeing veggies until they're totally liquid, and adding that to the sauce. I've also tried to mix up the kinds of pasta, so at least it's not all wheat-- we have rice pasta, soy and potato pasta, and quinoa pasta right now. I'm consoling myself with the thought that at least it's not french fries or cheez doodles; plenty of my cousin's kids have gotten on food jags with THOSE.
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i second the quinoa pasta and the pureed veggies in the sauce. perhaps even ground flax in the sauce?
A good way to add protein to pasta is to puree tofu either with marinara sauce or pesto. It makes a creamy sort of ricotta like sauce.
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